Meaning of RAM in English

n. & v.


1. an uncastrated male sheep, a tup.

2 (the Ram) the zodiacal sign or constellation Aries.

3 hist. a battering ram (see BATTER(1)). b a beak projecting from the bow of a battleship, for piercing the sides of other ships. c a battleship with such a beak.

4 the falling weight of a pile-driving machine.

5 a a hydraulic water-raising or lifting machine. b the piston of a hydrostatic press. c the plunger of a force-pump.

--v.tr. (rammed, ramming)

1. force or squeeze into place by pressure.

2 (usu. foll. by down, in, into) beat down or drive in by heavy blows.

3 (of a ship, vehicle, etc.) strike violently, crash against.

4 (foll. by against, at, on, into) dash or violently impel.

Phrases and idioms:

ram home stress forcefully (an argument, lesson, etc.).


rammer n.

Etymology: OE ram(m), perh. rel. to ON rammr strong

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