Meaning of RAY in English




a beam/ray/shaft of light (= a thin line of light )

There was a shaft of light from the doorway.

a glimmer/ray of hope (= a little hope, or something that gives you a little hope )

The new treatment gives patients a glimmer of hope.

a ray of sunshine

A ray of sunshine filtered through the dirty window.

a shaft/ray/beam of sunlight

A shaft of sunlight illuminated the left side of his face.

cathode ray tube

cosmic ray

gamma ray

the sun’s rays

This moisturiser will also protect skin from the sun’s rays.

ultraviolet radiation/rays

ultraviolet radiation from the sun

UV light/radiation/rays etc

the sun's harmful UV rays




This occurs in the upper atmosphere when neutrons produced by cosmic rays interact with nitrogen atoms.

As noted earlier, water is the most useful shielding material against cosmic rays and solar protons.

If mutagens like cosmic rays are present then all normal mutation rates are boosted.

A stray cosmic ray might do the same thing.

These isotopes begin to decay as soon as the meteorites enter the Earth's atmosphere, where they become shielded from cosmic rays .

Glaser switched his area of research from bubble chambers and cosmic rays to molecular biology and biophysics.

Deep space, however, is saturated with cosmic rays .

These minerals receive radiation both internally, from the ceramic, and externally, from the burial environment and cosmic rays .


These are the harmful rays which cause skin cancer.

It has sunscreens to protect you from the sun's harmful rays , and a unique bio-collagen complex to nourish and moisturise.

These preparations absorb or block out the sun's harmful ultra-violet rays .

It filters out harmful ultra-violet rays and inhibits mould growth.


The radial path of a light ray in these new coordinates is which has two solutions:.

These light rays land on a group of nerve cells in the back of your eye, called the retina.

Suddenly I realized that the paths of these light rays could never approach one another.

To the Hawaiian eye, waves are light rays bending round the planet from distant lands.

So the paths of light rays in the event horizon had always to be moving parallel to, or away from, each other.

These visits cause some disturbance to the plants and to the paths of light rays .

Possibly the occasional spurious light ray causes a corresponding bad reading whose error is averaged out.

We also have to take into account the passage of light rays through the highly curved space-time near the expanding object.


High up in the sky was a protective layer of gas that screened out dangerous ultraviolet rays from the sun.

It allows an insomniac who can not get exposure to sunlight to still benefit from the regulating effects of ultraviolet rays .

In one case, a market trader offered cheap sunglasses, claiming they protected the wearer from ultraviolet solar rays .

They help deplete the ozone layer, allowing ultraviolet rays to cause deadly skin cancers.


All sunscreens work because they contain ingredients which either absorb or reflect UV rays before they harm and damage the skin.

To ward off the UV rays , wear a hat and bring sunscreen.

The monitor picks up the amount of ultraviolet or UV rays coming from the sun.

An intact Ozone Layer prevents about 99% of the sun's UV rays from reaching the Earth.

If, for any reason, the stratospheric Ozone Layer becomes thin, its effectiveness as a barrier to UV rays decreases.



Indeed, much development work is required before cathode ray tube performance can be attained.

Male speaker Joe was more interested in wires and cathode ray tubes.


The radiation emitted by these isotopes consists of alpha particles, beta particles, and gamma rays .

The idea, in both the military and medical applications, is to use gamma rays to search for signs of radiation.

Fresh soil samples, taken recently in the presence of journalists, are currently being investigated for gamma rays and alpha particles.

The Director says that the Gamma rays can easily be detected at the far side of a foot of steel armor plating.

X-rays and gamma rays are the shortest electromagnetic waves, with wavelengths less than a 1000 millionths of a centimetre.

Indeed, both gamma rays and X-rays can be extremely damaging to living cells.

Moreover, the detector would have to be in space, because gamma rays can not penetrate the atmosphere.

We must lift detectors above the atmosphere to study gamma rays , X-rays, ultraviolet and long infrared radiations.


Indeed, much development work is required before cathode ray tube performance can be attained.

The company manufactures chemicals that absorb gasses in vacuum containers such as cathode-ray tubes used in televisions and stereos.



He excelled when he caught fine rays of sunlight dappling the surface of a lake.

Clothes, sleeping bags, spare canvas, all were hung up or spread out to catch a few rays of sunshine.

The pink brick and grey slate was catching the dying rays of the sun.


soak up the sun/rays/sunshine etc

As well as soaking up the sun, Emma says she's particularly looking forward to scuba diving and swimming in Stingray City.

But everyone enjoyed the opportunity to relax, socialise and soak up the sun.

Elena Fonti lay on the beach soaking up the sun.

Others will take it easier, relax in the garden and soak up the sun.

She had lain with Maggie beside the swimming pool and had let her whole body soak up the sun.

The perfect setting for relaxing and soaking up the sun.

Where fishermen once set out to sea, now travellers stop to soak up the sun which bakes the sandy shores.

Without it, the green machinery that soaks up the sun's energy is starved.


a gun that fires invisible rays

The first rays of the sun pierced the canopy of leaves above us, and the forest began to wake up.

the sun's rays

Use a sunscreen to protect your skin against the sun's harmful rays.


A conventional lens maps each light ray to a particular point on an image plane.

If mutagens like cosmic rays are present then all normal mutation rates are boosted.

Like the sun's rays, sunbeds accelerate ageing and increase the chances of getting skin cancer.

On a sunny evening you can stay to catch the last of the sun's rays highlighting Scafell's famous buttresses.

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