Meaning of RAY in English


/ reɪ; NAmE / noun


a narrow line of light, heat or other energy :

the sun's rays

ultraviolet rays

The windows were shining in the reflected rays of the setting sun.

—see also cosmic rays , gamma rays , X-ray


ray of sth a small amount of sth good or of sth that you are hoping for

SYN glimmer :

There was just one small ray of hope .


a sea fish with a large broad flat body and a long tail, that is used for food


(also re ) ( music ) the second note of a major scale


- a ray of sunshine

- catch / get / grab some rays



senses 1 to 2 and idsym. Middle English : from Old French rai , based on Latin radius spoke, ray.

sense 3 Middle English : from Old French raie , from Latin raia .

sense 4 Middle English re , representing (as an arbitrary name for the note) the first syllable of resonare , taken from a Latin hymn.

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