Meaning of RECEIVE in English



a patient receives treatment/a drug

Twelve of these patients were receiving treatment with a new drug.

accept/receive a delivery

Someone must be at home to accept the delivery.

an accepted/received notion (= an idea that most people believe )

These women challenged accepted notions of female roles in society.

be gratefully received

All contributions will be gratefully received .

earn/get/receive a salary

She’s now earning a good salary as an interpreter.

get/gain/receive a majority

If no one gets an overall majority, the vote is repeated.

get/have/receive treatment

Two boys received treatment for gunshot wounds.

get/receive a boost

The community will get a boost from a new library and recreation center.

get/receive a compliment

The exhibition has received a lot of compliments from the public.

get/receive a discount

You get a discount if you book more than ten tickets.

get/receive a mention

This type of research rarely gets a mention in the media.

get/receive a nomination

The film got the nomination for Best Drama.

get/receive a pension

They receive the basic state pension.

get/receive a sentence ( also be given a sentence )

She was given a three-year prison sentence.

get/receive a welcome

He received a warm welcome.

get/receive aid

Ethiopia receives less foreign aid than any other developing country.

get/receive an answer

She wrote to him but she never got an answer.

get/receive an apology

He received a formal apology from the company.

get/receive an award

He is the youngest person ever to receive the award.

get/receive an education

Some children grow up without receiving any education.

get/receive an email

Within seconds, I got an email confirming the booking.

get/receive an invitation

Did you get an invitation to Janet's party?

get/receive an offer

He received the offer of a place at Cambridge University.

get/receive assistance

She got no assistance from her family.

get/receive help from sb

You will be able to get confidential help from your doctor.

get/receive help

She gets no help from her husband.

get/receive information

It is vital that people receive the information they need.

get/receive mail

Did we get any mail this morning?

get/receive your reward

If you work hard, you will get your reward.

get/receive/obtain/win approval

For over twenty years it was impossible for NASA to get approval for this mission.

give/seek/receive an assurance (that)

He gave an assurance that the work would be completed by Wednesday.

have/get/receive a telephone call

I had a telephone call from George this morning.

have/receive a visit from sb

I've just had a visit from Lou Stacey.

have/receive notice

If I’d had more notice, I could have done a better job.

receive a complaint ( also have a complaint )

Our department has received a number of complaints from the public.

receive a donation

The party received a £100,000 donation from a local businessman.

receive a gift

He received a gift from his aunt.

receive a grant

It is likely that you will receive a grant to cover your tuition.

receive (a) payment

You will receive a cash payment on your 65th birthday.

receive a positive etc response (= get it )

The proposal has received a positive response from most left-wing voters.

receive a punishment

He received the maximum punishment.

receive a report

Amnesty has received repeated reports of violation of detention procedures.

receive a request

They had received two urgent requests for assistance.

receive a setback

The islands’ economy had received a severe setback from the effects of hurricane Hugo.

receive an injection formal

The boxer received an injection of the drug before the fight.

receive an inquiry formal:

The television station has received several inquiries from viewers requesting a repeat of the programme.

receive an order

The general says he received no order to withdraw.

receive an ultimatum

We received an ultimatum from the army demanding our surrender.

receive care

Every citizen has the right to receive health care.

receive comments

It is very helpful to receive comments from the public.

receive compensation

Some people have received compensation from the government for the loss of their homes.

receive consideration

All applications for a university place receive consideration.

receive notification

You should receive notification of the results within a week.

receive/be given/get recognition

Younger women artists are now getting wider recognition.

received a...fillip

British athletics received a tremendous fillip when Wells won the Gold.

Received Pronunciation

received...death sentence

He received a death sentence .

receive/get/achieve/score a rating

The Department of Computer Science received a top rating last year.

receive/get/have coverage

The exhibition has received extensive coverage in the press.

receive/have/undergo training

A small group would receive intensive training, and then would train others.

receive/obtain/get a mandate

On this issue he does seem to have received a clear mandate from the electorate.

receive/pick up a signal

The antenna that will pick up the signals is a 12-metre dish.

send/receive a copy of sth

Could you send me a copy of the agreement?

suffer/receive a blow

Our team suffered a blow when Paul was sent off the field.

suffer/receive a wound

The victim had suffered multiple wounds to his back and stomach.

sustain/receive an injury formal (= suffer an injury )

She sustained an injury to her hip.

win/draw/receive etc plaudits

Her performance won plaudits from the critics.

win/earn/receive praise

The trade deal won praise from the American business community.

win/receive/earn rave reviews

The performance earned them rave reviews from critics.




The winner will also receive £1,000 worth of Sainsbury's wine.

It also received her welcoming smile, as did a beautiful goldfinch that came down and perched on her toes.

The submitter also receives an additional mail message if the package has been denied, giving the reason for approval being denied.

At participating resorts, guests also receive free extras such as breakfast or golf clinics.

The beaches may also receive nutrients running off the land, especially near estuaries or sewage outfalls.

Managers also receive a removal grant of £1290 and other staff receive £1135.

In addition to these benefits, workers at Sumac Ashpa also receive some of the highest cash wages in the region.



Both questions have to receive affirmative answers , and they are not mutually exclusive.

Kate never received an answer to this letter, for it never reached Minnie.

I've delivered the message, and I've received your answer .

When Tabachnikov asked open-ended questions, she rarely received an answer .

He thumped his hand on it twice and, receiving no answer , used his keys and entered.

I asked, never receiving a satisfy-ing answer .

Once all the tenders had been received , the answers were scored.

You can also leave a question and receive an answer by mail or telephone call within a week.


A POLL-TAX payer has received an apology from Middlesbrough Council after an unexpected visit by the bailiffs.

Brosnan said he did not receive an apology from the band.

I called again on Tuesday and received an apology from a senior sales rep.

Normally, any ordinary citizen subject to dropped charges would receive a stony-faced apology and the opportunity to leave via the public foyer.


Since 1979 when the Conservatives came to power Durham Constabulary has received approval for 40 extra officers, a three percent increase.

Aztar Corp. received final approval in December to open a riverboat casino in Evansville.

The draft had received Cabinet approval on Dec. 7.

They worry about not receiving the approval of teachers, parents, and peers.

The company hopes to receive approval to put the product on the market within the next few months.

Newton and Marie Shank received final approval to build 10 single-family homes on 17.35 acres. 11.

This, however, must have been a rare occurrence; most bishops will have received royal approval as canonically required.

The agreement must still receive federal regulatory approval , which has been held up by the government shutdown.


Jones received medical attention on the canvas and spent the night in hospital for observation.

Each has received her undivided attention .

The Promenade track receiving the attention of a vigorous track gang near Central Pier.

Maybe DWEMs received so much attention in the past because they deserved it.

In contrast, it is the ergonomics of the hardware and the physical environment that have received most attention .

My experience is that all the processes should be receiving attention , all the time.

Although recognition of handwriting has received much less attention the task is simpler and promising results have been obtained.

Indeed, traditionally, phrases and sentences have received more attention than the words that make them up.


Underlying Mr Singh's campaign has been an implication that boys receiving awards and honours have not really been deserving of them.

Indeed, by the time the whole hubbub had died down, he had received twenty-two such humanitarian awards .

As a specialist in pathology, physiology and pharmacology, Mrs Coll received many teaching awards .

In 1970 received a long service award and a gold watch from.

To receive the award , he had to drink a full glass of straight lemon juice without grimacing.


You may receive a reduction or benefit or both.

Teamster drivers, meanwhile, had gone more than a month receiving only strike benefits of $ 55 a week.

It wasn't until the early 1950s that ferreters began to receive the benefits of locator systems.

Workers are paid in glass, receive their social benefits in glass and must sell the glass to stay alive.

After I had been receiving workers' compensation benefits for a month, my employer laid me off.

A person unwittingly cheated of his entitlement because of official error would receive backdated benefit when the error was discovered.

All of the patients received the benefit of a multi-modal treatment program.


High note: A scanner appeal has hit a high note after receiving a boost from Cleveland police.

In November 1993 the school district received an added boost when the Oregon Business Council selected it as a partner.

Earlier in the day, bonds received a boost as the central bank said it would buy government bonds outright.

The rundown remains of Liverpool Castle a replica of King John's famous fortress have received a £40,000 cash boost .

It the technology takes off, Polaroid could receive a much needed boost .


During the late afternoon I received another call summoning a further Cabinet meeting at 7.30 p.m.

The caller gets a recorded message that says you are not receiving blocked calls .

Which reminded me: the night before leaving we received a call from Dave.

Lieutenant Uhura keeps receiving obscene interstellar calls .

I received a telephone call just before Question Time telling me that that enterprise will have to close.

You receive a panicky call from a department head.

Some months later I received an emotional telephone call from my happy former patient.

Blue said her office had never received threatening phone calls and had not been the target of demonstrations.


Most of the major services have received numerous complaints from users who have been conned into purchasing illegal software.

The department occasionally receives complaints about health clubs, usually alleging a club did not fulfill promises about its facility or equipment.

He eventually received a stack of complaints about adverse reactions, including cramps, nausea, heart palpitations, and severe diarrhea.

The Press Complaints Commission had received only one complaint by last night.

The Humane Society, Wright said, has received five complaints about the business since 1991.

The authority, which received five complaints , concluded that the claim was not justified.

The company routinely recalls tainted products, but usually after receiving complaints from customers.


He struck a deal with the International Postal Union and received a copy of every stamp issued anywhere in the world.

You must also sign a written contract and receive a copy of it for the contract to be legally binding.

Do governors automatically receive copies of all newsletters for parents and an invitation to school events?

Swissair received a copy of a service bulletin from Boeing last week.

Do mid-day supervisors, cooks, cleaners, caretaker and crossing patrol receive copies ?

Every member receives a free copy and these directories are also supplied to contractors, agents and venues.

You will receive a copy of the report and have the opportunity to discuss it in an interview.

Poster Competition All members will have received their copies of Medau News by now.


Are these the partnership circumstances in which we want children to receive nursery education ?

Each young man displays high intelligence and receives an excellent education in colonial schools.

In the school, children are expected to receive the education of the book.

I received an extraordinary education from the public schools, but also from one other source-the New York Public Library.

They had to be twenty-five years old, to have received at least secondary education , and to be substantial property-owners.

I received an outstanding education , tuition free.

In the mid-1920s only a little over 1 percent were receiving a formal education .

City would have consisted instead of relatively successful graduates of the public schools and immigrants who had received a solid education abroad.


Everyone who enters the competition will receive a small gift ..

I never learned why the Vanyas singled me out to receive this gift .

The author of each issue's Letter of the Month will receive a special gift of art materials.

Every child received a beautiful gift from the company.

Demonstrators whoop and holler as colleagues receive gifts ... a Tupperware colander ... an Oriental rug.

Members in three units receive gift certificates for meeting their goal four consecutive weeks.

Right: Jeff Lowe receives a parting gift from Chris Bonington.

Jacob must insist that Esau receives his gifts , because of what they represent.


And fax machines that enable you to send and receive pages of information anywhere in the world - in seconds.

Police said they arrested the Adkinsons Wednesday because they had received information that the couple might be leaving town.

We use language in this country in order to understand each other, and to give and receive information .

All freshmen who attend optional orientation sessions receive information on date rape.

Unlike a computer the brain does more than receive information .

One is technological, empowering individuals to receive and distribute the information they want when they want it.

Did the teacher receive plenty of information about pupils' thoughts? 4.

Communications is a process of. exchange-a giving and receiving of information .


Every club in the country should be receiving an invitation to enter.

The list includes such information as Social Security numbers, and how often a person has received White House social invitations .

He won the Championship in September 1991, but received his invitation only a couple of months ago.

Two of the Volunteers attended, even though they had not received the customary formal invitations .

Since taking office, you have received many invitations to similar events hosted by the Conservative and Reform movements.

He accepted and asked another member of the staff, who had received a similar invitation , to accompany him.

Edgar Linton entered, his handsome face full of delight at receiving Catherine's unexpected invitation .

At the end of two months she received no invitation to live at any of their houses.


There was no point now in telling Bartocci about the letter he had received .

The letters were received by news organizations Thursday and were apparently mailed by Hamilton in the hours before the killings.

Was the reservation letter received by him merely a promise as to the future or was it a statement of present fact?

Molly often stayed in her office late into the night, responding by hand to the vast numbers of letters we received .

I do not dare print some of the letters I have received due to the almost unbelievable implications.

From the letters he's received and through talking to audiences, he knows the production is a popular one.

She reads the sexy letters my sister has received from a lover during her marriage.


He received the same message as Sir Ralph.

As he expected, Manion received an e-mail message from Philippe Fontaine requesting a meeting on the following Tuesday.

Army bomb disposal experts scoured the city for 5 hours, after receiving a coded telephone message .

Move to Autonomy: Setting Limits Children who receive affection and messages of acceptance are likely to feel secure.

The submitter also receives an additional mail message if the package has been denied, giving the reason for approval being denied.

He began to receive messages purporting to come from his deceased friend, who had been a radio operator.

They will then go to the nearest telephone and receive their message from the operator.

I now receive a message that it will run out in a couple of weeks.


Simply for completing the sequence ahead of schedule, Myriad received a $ 3 million bonus.

He did receive another $ 1 million in salary payments, they said.

He received £35 million net for his shares in Clarke Securities.

Thanong received $ 10 million in cash for the marijuana shipments, the indictment alleges.

The Duenas received $ 4 million in compensation.

San Diego County received about $ 113 million from the tax in fiscal 1994-95.

The balance is owned by Taylor &038; Mathis, an Atlanta real-estate concern, which will receive $ 13 million .

Over the past fiscal year, the school received $ 250 million in federal dollars for 1, 600 projects.


The offer is made when the proprietor of the machine holds it out as being ready to receive the money .

Allow church-related drug-rehabilitation programs to receive taxpayer money .

As a married student he received extra money .

Only Porter, Liddy and Magruder had received large amounts of money .

The players, without whom there would be no World Cup, are not receiving any money .

However, Redmond and Manschreck acknowledged that they had not billed for or received any money for the advance planning.

Unacknowledged when it was received , the contra money was also unacknowledged when spent.

In addition to endorsements, Dole has received more money from South Carolinians than his top three competitors combined.


The latter's research suggests that patients receiving clozapine may well cost services less over time by producing more positive clinical outcomes.

This combination of acid-base disturbances may be seen in postoperative patients receiving nasogastric suction who are hyperventilating because of pain and stress.

All five patients receiving oral cyclosporin had a remission but relapse occurred within three months of discontinuing the drug.

The policies at Carville for patients receiving treatment at that institution would be liberalized.

Instead of berths, patients were received from hospital ships in hanging cots.

The patient is receiving nasal oxygen.

These will be in effect, a statement of the treatment and care a patient should receive with associated standards attached.

This summary is intended to be an Overview of the care a patient may receive whilst on a general surgical ward.


The purpose of the tax certificate is to permit a sub-contractor to receive payment from a builder without deduction of tax.

Two days before the event, the campaign had received payment for only 750 tickets.

The bowyer was hovering expectantly, his hand not quite extended to receive payment .

It will be another five years before welfare recipients start becoming ineligible to receive welfare payments underwritten by the federal government.

The solicitor guaranteed they would receive payment for their labours as though the Putts were still alive.

Plaintiffs will need to inform the courts immediately if they receive payment from the defendant before the hearing.

We may receive some payment in September 1994 if we achieve targets.

By the end of 1922 many relatives of war casualties began to receive small social-welfare payments .


His salary at this time was £1,000, and upon leaving the service he received a pension of £600 p.a.

Tsiolkovskii himself never received a kopek of government funding until he received a pension .

He received a civil list pension in March 1930.

In March, 1989, 40,000 teachers under statutory retirement age were receiving pensions .

As a consequence women could until 1975 opt to pay a lower rate of national insurance and receive a lower retirement pension .

Firstly, women can only receive a pension based on their husband's contributions if he himself is in receipt of a basic pension.

In 1987, 52% of pensioners received an occupational pension .

And she adds: But Alan Govier from Oxford hasn't received a penny in pension payments.


It receives an unprecedented 18 percent increase for this year.

While Jeb Bush received a 56 percent grade, President Bush earned a 52 percent approval rating from respondents.

There, Daf workers who are made redundant will receive 70 percent of their wages for the next four years.

Dole received only 37 percent , and Reform Party candidate Ross Perot got 7 percent.

Shamir received 46.4 percent of the total vote of Likud's 2,800-member central committee.

Ed Schafer has received more than 95 percent of its financial support from North Dakotans.

The successful competitor would also receive the usual 5 percent fees on the cost of the work.

For that, he receives a mouth-watering 70 percent of his subsidy from the city.


Eight graduates received the Nobel Prize , a record for a public institution.

The best tip of the year will receive a prize to the value of £500.

The following year, Lee and Yang received the Nobel prize for their idea.

Morgan received a Nobel prize in 1933, and Muller in 1946.

The first 200 correct winners out of the postbag on Monday, September 14 will receive prizes .

The winner will receive £1,500 from a prize fund of £7,700.

The winning team will receive prizes of office equipment worth thousands of pounds to be used by its respective company.


It is unlikely that other offers will be submitted, as the sale of the site Will not have received publicity .

When that received bad publicity , he promoted the Texas Guinan fat reducer.

It has been produced because of the telephone enquiries we are now receiving following publicity in the national press.

The previous owners had never received any publicity .

Finally let me record an item put out by Reuters News Agency which did not receive much publicity .

In mid-June the Confederates made another move-not a major one but one that received major publicity .

They next claimed that he had been responsible for a murder in Belfast which had received considerable publicity .

Though it did not receive much publicity , it was a major achievement and long overdue.


He alleged that when he asked Scott about the planning, he received only an off-hand reply .

She received no reply , but persisted in her efforts.

They had both written to her in Cairo and also care of Trelawney and neither of them had received a reply .

I received no reply to either letter.

When they tried to question him they received unintelligible replies and realised he was drunk.

Before we had received a reply , Fitzroy Maclean chanced to call at my office.

They were not at all surprised when they didn't receive a single reply .

I have written letters explaining the problem, but as before I still haven't received any reply .


The chairman vacates the chair and a Speaker or Deputy Speaker takes it and receives a purely nominal report .

He also routinely received numerous classified reports .

I expect shortly to receive reports from the marine accident investigation branch of a number of recent fishing vessel accidents.

We receive reports and advice from the State Board of Health twice a week.

In May we received another referee's report and a letter from the new editor of the journal.

We received a verbal report to say these were a start but needed more detail.

They will receive written reports annually and their children's schools will be inspected every four years.

I received a very comprehensive report - I think some one wanted to put the old boy's mind at rest.


The campaign received mixed reviews inside and outside Hollywood, with some accusing Jackson of bad timing.

It received universally ecstatic reviews , and deservedly so.

Stock, who received good reviews from his Minnesota colleagues, will see his pay jump more than $ 17,000 initially.

To ensure these papers receive the extra review they deserve we will post them on the e-print server.

I had a tie on, too, but not the one that had received such good reviews at lunch.

They also say she received a negative performance review from her supervisor.


They received sentences of four to 13 years, provoking Western condemnation.

She received a three-year prison sentence and was fined $ 1, 500.

They certainly receive more custodial sentences than would normally be predicted from their presence in the population.

Although the court found that she was not a militant member of the guerrilla group, she received a maximum sentence .

He received a five-year suspended sentence .

The crime was extremely brutal, as was Ferguson's treatment of his crew, and he received the death sentence .

As a result, he said, he was convicted in 1982 and received a six-year sentence .


Final regulations were only received in early December, and regulations for calculating transitional support were not received until mid-December.

The nurturing and support they received in labor gave them a deep sense of accomplishment and trust in them-selves.

This means that support which in-laws receive from each other is ambiguous in a way which does not apply to other relationships.

Perhaps most important, the crucial support that California scientists received from both public and private sources is in danger.

Additionally, those entitled to income support receive full help with their rent and up to 80 percent assistance with their community charge.

The trade-off was the socializing and support received from the other patients and families.

The resistance to labouring class poets is balanced in some respects by the support they received .

Many thousands more who do not get income support receive some help towards their rent and/or community charge.


Some time ago I received a frantic telephone call from Carol, who had undergone successful hypnotic treatment about two years earlier.

The managers began to receive telephone calls from people in other parts of the company blaming them for their subordinates' behavior.

The Northern has received telephone calls and letters from people who have contributed and want to know what is happening.

Within hours of opening on Wednesday, the hotline had received 60 telephone calls, officials said.

However, less than a month later, I received a telephone call from the home.

Army bomb disposal experts scoured the city for 5 hours, after receiving a coded telephone message.

I received a telephone call just before Question Time telling me that that enterprise will have to close.

Some months later I received an emotional telephone call from my happy former patient.


The band were pleased with the excellent treatment they received from foreign promoters.

It is, I suppose, divine retribution for the treatment your whiteness receives in certain doctors' surgeries.

We appreciated that long months of solitary on top of the awful treatment he'd received before must have put incredible strains on him.

The therapists and the interviewers who assessed treatment effect were blinded to the drug treatment the patients were receiving .

If people want to prescribe unproved forms of treatment , or to receive them, that is their choice.

He felt shamed and humiliated by the officious treatment he received at the hands of the pompous men at Immigration.

They couldn't answer and became huffy that we weren't satisfied with the good treatment we were receiving .


Although the Council was to have only six members, it was to receive 17 votes .

Perot did not receive even one electoral vote in his 1992 independent campaign for president.

This arose as local businesses paid rates but did not receive a vote .

All five, for better or worse, have received recent votes of confidence from their respective general managers or team presidents.

They replied that their only concern was survival and whatever politician might help them with that would receive their vote .

He received 52 votes while the Communist candidate, Thein pe, got only 33 votes.

Gore received 338,000 more votes , according to the latest figures.



One in five had received no training in the Act and most were expecting to receive none during the next six months.

As he expected , Manion received an e-mail message from Philippe Fontaine requesting a meeting on the following Tuesday.

Selling forward means selling the foreign currency today for delivery at the time you expect to receive it from your customer.

And we let him know we understood that and that we expected to receive a comparable benefit for ourselves in that regard.

Often they had, and if so might expect to receive a polite reply.

The Tigers are once again favored to win the sectional, but expect Warsaw to receive a huge challenge from Plymouth.

I expect shortly to receive reports from the marine accident investigation branch of a number of recent fishing vessel accidents.

In the end, however, injured individuals can expect to receive little.


(the) conventional/received/traditional etc wisdom

Clear-thinking organizations rely on cost justification to reveal these truths, even if they run counter to current plans and conventional wisdom .

Evidence introduced to bolster orthodoxy in one field frequently carried unforeseen implications for conventional wisdom in another.

He set out a scenario which ran against the conventional wisdom at the time.

Nothing is more completely accepted in the conventional wisdom than the cliche that economic life is endlessly and inherently uncertain.

That is all as it should be: but there are some dangers in conventional wisdom .

This pre-eminently is an occasion when we would expect the conventional wisdom to lose touch with the reality.

Under the stress of circumstance, the conventional wisdom is rejected.

We repudiated entirely customary morals, conventions and traditional wisdom .

get/receive your (just) deserts

Even a low-cal concoction can make us feel that we're getting our just deserts .

From Llewelyn he would get his deserts , and be grateful for them.

He was not a spiteful man, but he had enjoyed the sight of Spatz getting his deserts .

Now the rich and the proud would get their just deserts .

give/receive no quarter

D'Arcy had opened her up, exposing her raw emotions, giving no quarter and taking none.

He says you give no quarter .


"Are you receiving me?" "Receiving you loud and clear."

Are you still receiving financial aid?

Did Caroline receive an invitation?

He says he never received the fax from us.

Hotel guests may not receive visitors after 10 p.m.

I'm sorry I didn't call earlier, but I've only just received your message.

Officials have received numerous complaints about airport noise.

Police received calls from residents who heard the gunshots.

Richardson received invitations to speak at all three universities.

She received an honorary degree from Harvard in 1990.

Three firefighters received minor injuries while fighting the blaze.

We received your letter the 1st of March.

When she received news of her father's death, she returned home.

You will receive your credit card in approximately two weeks.


He received the appointment, but Parker himself was never sworn into office.

It not only receives, it picks and chooses and processes all it receives.

Many favourable comments were received from teachers and pupils concerning the wide ranging applications and future work opportunities available in Chemistry.

The airline received 14, 760 bids during the auction, which lasted 2 1 / 2 months.

There is no central registry that ensures that only a tiny percentage of women will receive the label.

Those who sneak in say conditions are physically improved but the children receive little of the love and attention they need.

We have received 2, 200 telegrams and 4, 000 letters in response to your Mideast statements....

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