Meaning of RECEIVE in English

1. take or accept (something offered or given) into one's hands or possession.

2 acquire; be provided with or given (have received no news; will receive a small fee).

3 accept delivery of (something sent).

4 have conferred or inflicted on one (received many honours; received a heavy blow on the head).

5 a stand the force or weight of. b bear up against; encounter with opposition.

6 consent to hear (a confession or oath) or consider (a petition).

7 (also absol.) accept or have dealings with (stolen property knowing of the theft).

8 admit; consent or prove able to hold; provide accommodation for (received many visitors).

9 (of a receptacle) be able to hold (a specified amount or contents).

10 greet or welcome, esp. in a specified manner (how did they receive your offer?).

11 entertain as a guest etc.

12 admit to membership of a society, organization, etc.

13 be marked more or less permanently with (an impression etc.).

14 convert (broadcast signals) into sound or pictures.

15 Tennis be the player to whom the server serves (the ball).

16 (often as received adj.) give credit to; accept as authoritative or true (received opinion).

17 eat or drink (the Eucharistic bread and wine).

Phrases and idioms:

be at (or on) the receiving end colloq. bear the brunt of something unpleasant. received pronunciation (or Received Standard) the form of spoken English based on educated speech in southern England. receiving-order Brit. an order of a court authorizing a receiver (see RECEIVER 3) to act.


receivable adj.

Etymology: ME f. OF receivre, re{ccedil}oivre f. L recipere recept- (as RE-, capere take)

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