Meaning of RECEIVE in English

v. 1 get, obtain, come by, collect, take (into one's possession), accept, be given, acquire, come into, inherit, gain, profit, make She received a large sum of money from the sale of the house What will he receive when his aunt dies? 2 earn, be paid, make, draw, gross, net, clear, pocket, Colloq take home, walk off or away with, US pull down He receives a bigger weekly salary than I make in a year 3 greet, meet, welcome; show in, give entrée, let in, admit We received our guests in the foyer 4 experience, undergo, endure, suffer, bear, sustain, be subjected to, meet with In return for helping him all I received was a punch in the nose 5 gather, hear, learn, ascertain, be told, be informed or notified of, find out, pick up We only received the information yesterday that you were coming to stay for a month

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