Meaning of RIG in English


I. verb


an oil rig (= structure on land or in the sea with equipment for getting oil out of the ground )

an oil rig in the North Sea

ballot rigging

lighting rig

oil rig

rig an election (= dishonestly arrange the result )

He accused the ruling party of rigging the elections.




And see if you can rig up something forward-firing.

He has also rigged up a special bookshelf a table turned upside down-for his top-bunk bed where he keeps his current books.

He's rigged up speakers in the steeple To fool dim-witted country people.

Likes to rig up the cards.

I've been rigging up a crush.

So officials rigged up a team of oxen to drag it back to the bridge site, where it was then reinstalled.

Try to rig up a line through there and down the side of the pod.

Dorcas organized younger nomes to digging drainage trenches and rigged up a few of the big light bulbs for heat.



Was the reputed bid rigging really a favor done in return for the write-off?


Robert Guei, who had proclaimed himself president in a rigged election .

There was no rigging of the election and no attempt by the hard-liners to reverse the results after the vote.

Everything is now in place for a rigged election that seems likely to usher in a military dictatorship.

He will not need to rig the election , or buy voters, let alone do anything worthy.

Mr Museveni did not need to rig the election .


a fully-rigged vessel

Lou had a buzzer rigged up beside his bed so he could call his wife.

Many Labour Party members believed that the ballot to elect a mayoral candidate was rigged.

Many of the game shows of the 1950s turned out to be rigged.

The senator resigned after accusations that the vote had been rigged.

They would never have got into power if the whole thing hadn't been rigged.


All major opposition parties boycotted local elections in November 1990 because they believed that the results would be rigged.

And see if you can rig up something forward-firing.

Attached to the sack was a length of pennant rigging, which he left adrift within reach of the opening chute.

Exasperated, Emma went herself one evening to the spot where Collymore rigged his scales on the limb of a sea grape.

From what she could see, he was showing the children how to rig the boats.

The sail should be rigged with the minimum amount of mast showing at deck level.

II. noun




While Anderson talks, a woman raps on the window of the big rig .

Workers in surgical masks are running a hydraulic compressor and tractor-trailer drivers are warming up their big rigs .

This is often enough to stabilise a big float rig .

Fenton moved his big prison rig closer too, in anticipation of a fresh intake of captives.



Francis McFarlane, 44, has not worked since he witnessed the oil rig blaze which killed 164 workers in July 1988.

Joseph Oncale charges that his male supervisors and a male co-worker harassed him while he was working at a Louisiana oil rig .

It is rumoured that an oil rig is to be set up on the local water meadows.

Passing an oil rig and numerous naval vessels, we moored alongside a jetty on the estuary leading up to the town.

Some guides use their climbing and rope skills to work on oil rigs or construction sites.

Balder is a semi-submersible crane barge designed for work in constructing oil rig platforms.

The day was faintly foggy; lights were on on the tall hazy meccano sculptures of oil rigs moored in the Firth.



Industry representatives said the number of drilling rigs has doubled in a year to more than 900 because of the higher prices.

Other pieces were slid under a computerized drilling rig , to have boltholes drilled according to the shop drawing.

Niugini Mining said a second drilling rig is being mobilized and further drilling will take place following the completion of geophysical surveys.

On the far southern plains, the oil towns of Plainview and Midland and Odessa rise like off-shore drilling rigs .

The steady hum of the drilling rigs and the rough growls of heavy machinery moving on the road smear the coastal quiet.


an offshore oil rig


A fractional rig is set on a Proctor spar with swept-back spreaders.

A market downturn in rig moves was more than compensated for by a significant increase in supporting offshore construction projects.

Guerrillas had overrun the exploration camp and set the rig afire.

The steady hum of the drilling rigs and the rough growls of heavy machinery moving on the road smear the coastal quiet.

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