Meaning of RIG in English


[rig] vt rigged ; rig.ging [ME riggen] (15c) 1: to fit out (as a ship) with rigging

2: clothe, dress--usu. used with out

3: to furnish with special gear: equip

4. a: to put in condition or position for use: adjust, arrange "a car rigged for manual control" b: construct "~ up a temporary shelter"

[2]rig n (1822) 1: the distinctive shape, number, and arrangement of sails and masts of a ship

2: equipage; esp: a carriage with its horse

3: clothing, dress

4: tackle, equipment, or machinery fitted for a specified purpose "an oil-drilling ~"

5: a tractor-trailer combination [3]rig vt rigged ; rig.ging [rig, n., a swindle] (1851) 1: to manipulate or control usu. by deceptive or dishonest means "~ an election"

2: to fix in advance for a desired result "~ a quiz program"

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