Meaning of RIG in English


1. v. & n. (rigged, rigging)

1. a provide (a sailing ship) with sails, rigging, etc. b prepare ready for sailing.

2 (often foll. by out, up) fit with clothes or other equipment.

3 (foll. by up) set up hastily or as a makeshift.

4 assemble and adjust the parts of (an aircraft).


1. the arrangement of masts, sails, rigging, etc., of a sailing ship.

2 equipment for a special purpose, e.g. a radio transmitter.

3 oil rig.

4 a person's or thing's look as determined by clothing, equipment, etc., esp. uniform.

Phrases and idioms:

in full rig colloq. smartly or ceremonially dressed. rig-out Brit. colloq. an outfit of clothes.


rigged adj. (also in comb.).

Etymology: ME, perh. of Scand. orig.: cf. Norw. rigga bind or wrap up 2. v. & n. (rigged, rigging) manage or conduct fraudulently (they rigged the election).


1. a trick or dodge.

2 a way of swindling.

Phrases and idioms:

rig the market cause an artificial rise or fall in prices.


rigger n.

Etymology: 19th c.: orig. unkn.

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