Meaning of ROD in English




a curtain rail/pole/rod (= a long stick for hanging a curtain )

Velvet can be heavy so choose a strong curtain pole.

divining rod (= the stick used for this )

a divining rod

dowsing rod

fishing rod

hot rod

lightning rod

The senator has become a lightning rod for criticism.




The bomb and the bullet of course provide more dramatic reportage than hard graft, the golf club and fishing rod .

He chose to use sailmakers' ripstop nylon and tapered fishing rod units in glass fibre.


Some of them even made enough to run hot rod cars.

The owners of low-riders and hot rods came from all over to show off their vehicles.


Your hairdresser takes sections of your hair - some are wound around thin rods and thick rods while others are left untreated.

Very thin rods of glass are enclosed in a tube.

These experiments involved thin rods of palladium and formed the bulk of the data in the paper of March 1989.

Trailing edge vibration has been dampened by reinforcement with thin glass fibre rod inserts or mylar overlays, so eliminating excessive noise.


There is also a matrix of wooden rods , metal pipes, and other objects in various configurations and depths.

The hangers draped down in rows from horizontal wooden rods , the blooms pointing toward the floor.

He hugged the banister, counting its bar-like wooden rods until he reached the turn where it met the wall.

The wooden stemming rod was clearly safer, yet in every mining district there were those who disregarded the new rulings.



A Green Party spokesman said that spent fuel rods are highly radioactive and potentially lethal.

The stuck fuel rods had cooled to about 200 degrees from their 1, 200-degree operating temperature.

I agreed to get photos of the fuel rods for the Union in Washington.

Bailey said that if even one of the fuel rods leaks, Palo Verde officials would put the plant on alert.

We put uranium into the fuel rods .

Officials hope to avoid rupturing any fuel rods , which could release deadly radioactive gas into the containment building.

After three years' work the last consignment of nuclear fuel rods has been removed.

She allegedly had evidence that the plant was falsifying records to hide cracks in fuel rods .


Each side has a cast iron arch in 7 segments from which the iron trough is hung by 35 wrought iron rods .

It led to the birth of the jumper a slender iron rod with a chisel-end forged by the mine smiths.


One of the summer associates in another firm told me that a partner there had proved a real lightning rod for trouble.

Since then, she has become a lightning rod for a national debate on immigration.

It was like a lightning rod that drew to itself all the negative impulses of a hyperactive time.


On the left was the privy, covered by a curtain which hung from a metal rod .

I kept it up now for twenty minutes as Janir gripped the linked metal rods supporting his seat.

This time it was a piece of wire mesh on a metal rod .

He pressed himself against a metal rod .

When nothing happened he remembered the short metal rod Father Conroy had given him.

They dropped down wearily on metal rods .



You can still divine water with a rod and be an agnostic.


Schools clothing grant giro, my medical card, fishing rods , my son's snooker cue all stolen.

The challenge was to find domestic workers who would help the supplier set up an assembly line for fishing rods .

Paige never followed through on his promise to give Baker a fishing rod .


Alternatively hold a rod or ruler across the neck while the tail is pulled.


After they are replaced, the spent fuel rods are cooled for several years in pools of water at the plants.


Some anglers use three rods , but I have found that at least one of these tends to be neglected.

Charlie plays with a few fish using his fly rod .

I was using stiffer rods and he was using softer ones.

All our children learned to fish, using this wonderful rod .

The absence of the bumble bee meant that pollination had to be carried out artificially, using an electronic vibrating rod .

The latter is calibrated in centimetres, but most people will probably only use the rod as a rough guide.


rule sb/sth with a rod of iron


a curtain rod

a fishing rod


A further use of carbon rod is for sail battens to control flutter, or to improve sail shape.

As is the norm with most modern acoustics, the truss rod is again adjusted from inside the soundhole.

He fails to make it, for I make an equally massive surge with the rod in the opposite direction.

He was adept with his hands, a talented artist, and a skilled fisherman who made his own flies and rods.

Samples can be hung on a rod , in slotted pockets or placed on a lectern.

The rods are held by tapered sections connected to the bottom boom of the gable frame.

The central rod is known as the Sushumna and corresponds to the spinal column.

The organization quickly built the largest membership of any rod and gun club in Arizona.

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