Meaning of ROD in English


I. ˈräd noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English, from Old English rodd; akin to Old Norse rudda club and perhaps to Old High German riutan to clear land — more at rid



(1) : a straight slender stick growing upon or cut from a tree or bush : shoot , wand

(2) : osier

(3) : walking stick

(4) : a stick or bundle of twigs used for punishing

he who spares the rod hates his son — Prov 13:24 (Revised Standard Version)

(5) : a short club or stick with a bulging end used by shepherds as a cudgel to protect their flocks from wolves

(6) obsolete : a stick or switch used while riding

(7) : fishing pole

(8) : a bar or staff for measuring

(9) : a narrow board, lath, batten, or strip usually cut to a fixed length and marked with feet and inches or usually the heights and other dimensions of work to be done — called also staff

(10) : a long wooden straightedge used with the edge against fresh plaster to bring the plaster to a true surface

b. : a slender bar resembling a wand of wood: as

(1) : fishing rod

(2) dialect Britain : a wagon shaft

(3) : ramrod

(4) : a member used in tension (as for sustaining a suspended weight) or in tension and compression (as for transmitting reciprocating motion) : connecting rod

(5) : any of various parts of the metal framework below the body of a railroad car — usually used in the phrase ride the rods

then I rode the rods east — Earle Birney

(6) slang : revolver , pistol

(7) : a wood or metal often expandable bar used for hanging household items (as window or shower curtains, clothes, and towels)

(8) : lightning rod


(1) : scepter

(2) : a wand or staff carried as a badge of office by a marshal, usher, or similar official



(1) : a means of punishment

(2) : punishment inflicted

b. : power , authority , tyranny

shall rule them with a rod of iron — Revelations 2:27 (Revised Standard Version)


a. : a unit of length equal to 5 1/2 yards or 16 1/2 feet — see measure table

b. : a square rod

4. : any of the long rod-shaped sensory bodies in the retina responsive to faint light — compare cone 3c; see scotopia

5. : a bacterium shaped like a rod

6. : whip 3a

7. : fisherman

8. : hot rod

II. transitive verb

( rodded ; rodded ; rodding ; rods )

1. : to provide with lightning rods

2. : to pack tight, smooth, or pulverize (as concrete) by pounding with a rod

3. : to remove obstacles from or clean (a receptacle) by running a rod through

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