Meaning of SLAVE in English

I. noun


slave driver

slave labour

Cotton was grown using slave labor.

slave labour

the drugs/slave trade

the country’s thriving drugs trade




A pair of giant black slaves pounded drums.

Some say they included his black slave Sally Hemings and that she bore him four illegal offspring.

He wondered what she'd do if she ever met a Chinaman or a black slave .

The constitution they adopted was similar to the United States Constitution; however, property in black slaves was expressly recognized.

Patsy, looking like the faithful old black mammy slave in a film except that she was white and she was only twenty-five.

Although the mulattoes had more rights than the black slaves , they were still subject to a series of restrictive laws.

There was no niche or corner of safety for the free black in a slave society.


Some opposition arose over the proposal to make the governor of the state responsible for insuring the return of fugitive slaves .

As an additional consequence, fugitive slaves would be free as soon as they crossed the southern boundary of the North.

Policy was inconsistent in Missouri and Kentucky; some commanders permitted fugitive slaves to remain within their lines and others excluded them.

The fugitive slave problem on the southeastern frontier dated back to the colonial period.

The pro-slavery compromise of the Constitution which required the rendition of fugitive slaves was abrogated.



But she wasn't Jake's little slave girl any more.

At the end, the uncle finds out that the young slave girl is Lisa.

These works can be partly seen as a continuation of the nineteenth-century tradition of exotic genre such as depictions of slave girls .

She kept four slave girls by her; no one else.

What it was like was being anointed by some slave girl .

As she did, she saw the young slave girl on the auction block.

She wasn't his little slave girl any longer.

Something about the slave girl fascinated Heather as she took in the pink silk dress hugging the curves of her body.


Before they entered the slave market or inspected a slave, many slaveholders had well-developed ideas about what they would find there.

They were passing the crowded slave market .


In 1757 Woolman made a second journey into the South, where he found slave owners tense and even hostile to him.

But the soldiers were used by the slave owners to protect their wealth.

Earlier, slave owners had at least minimal responsibility for slaves as property.

This was the first slave she had ever purchased, making her a firsthand slave owner .

A religious group that could effectively weed out offensive people, the Friends found slave owners sufficiently inoffensive.


Some historians have estimated a slave population in eighth-century Sussex of almost twenty thousand.

Left to their own devices, the Confederates dealt poorly with the management problem of their enormous hostile slave population .

This produced a certain cultural and behavioural differentiation in the slave population , among whom language differences must have been highly significant.

In New Orleans in May 1861, disturbances among the slave population were suppressed by the militia.


However, no significant slave revolt took place in the Confederacy as the war progressed.

Some Union commanders even continued to uphold the antebellum policy of protecting resident slaveholders from slave revolts .

With its ability to sound the call of slave revolt across the miles, it was simply too dangerous to exist.

Not many years after these freed men invented their church organization, desperate militants inspired slave revolts .

Even the accounts of the slave revolt are woven skillfully into the novel.


A government minister said there had been a mixup, and that another unidentified vessel was the slave ship .

Woolman was on the examining team that went to the Rhode Island port to see the slave ships at close hand.

The plan of a slave ship issued by Clarkson was also extensively taken up and became an antislavery print.

It made me start thinking what it was like on the slave ship .


These areas need developing, so entrepreneurs pump in investment: capital accumulated from the slave trade , sugar and cotton.

At the very least, he decided that he personally could shun anything that had to do with slave trade .

But we do need the slave trade if we're not to go under.

The society boasts that it has become the most successful single-issue pressure group since William Wilberforce and opposition to the slave trade .

Equally parliamentarians spoke of cruelty, inhumanity and tyranny as features of the slave trade and slavery, often providing vivid examples.

Slavery and the slave trade , however, denied self-love to the slave, provoking permanent discontent and possible rebellion.



Thus, a person who becomes a slave loses this opportunity.

And by the time I was ten, I had become her slave .

Do not become slaves of men.

He opened his window and hollered down into the courtyard for the scraggy Monkey-boy who had become his slave .

As a consequence, those figures became inspirational to other slaves who attempted to emulate them: the Richmond-Molyneux effect.

There's too much hype connected to most beauty products so I've never become a slave to any particular shampoo.

Christabel does not achieve enlightenment through this union because she becomes a slave to Geraldine, instead of her equal.


The defeated were either beheaded or brought back as slaves and their property seized by their captor.


As they talked about and wrote about buying slaves , slaveholders mapped a world made of slavery.


Second, to free a slave .

How do we get back the passion that poor immigrant children and newly freed slaves once had for education?

When the freed slaves landed, they enthusiastically started replicating the lifestyle of their erstwhile masters.

Months later, Heather freed the slaves and sold the plantation.

They freed the slaves and got rid of dictators.

Hopkins was among the first to say that awakening could not truly take over a heart until its owner freed slaves .

The act freed for ever slaves used by rebels to aid or abet the insurrection of the states.


Thomas Jefferson became the third president in 1801 despite published accusations of his seducing two married women and keeping a slave mistress.

Roman nobles kept hundreds of slaves .

He kept his servants and slaves under such loose supervision that the city fathers complained.

She kept four slave girls by her; no one else.


The majority of the survivors were sold as slaves .

At first, I did not want to sell Xury as a slave , after all our dangerous adventures together.

Sometimes the Moors sell prisoners in the slave markets.


They want to treat all Arabs as slaves and second-class citizens.

She was treated like a slave by her husband who she was forced to marry.

The servants are treated like slaves .


Nigel's father has worked like a slave to create a modern environment for his family.

Born free in South Carolina in 1834, Turner refused to work alongside slaves , so he found work as a janitor.


Because slaves can have their interests counted equitably and still remain in bondage.

But trade in slaves has been a universal phenomenon, affecting all primitive societies.

Many intransigent southerners never yielded the notion that the war itself was of no importance if the slave system was not maintained.

Seder participants recline on pillows, for example, because they had no such luxury as slaves, the children said.

The slaves rose and backed out of the chamber, their eyes cast down.

There was a female slave working outside, but when Burun rode up she did not even raise her head.

These areas need developing, so entrepreneurs pump in investment: capital accumulated from the slave trade, sugar and cotton.

II. verb




Because I like you, Breeze, and it makes my blood boil to think of you slaving away as you do.

You must cease this nonsensical life of yours, slaving away as if you were a servant!

She spends the next ten years taking in washing, slaving away to pay back the money they borrowed to replace it.

Because you're slaving away in that little office all day doing stupid, piddling little jobs for me!

Not much, is it, for a lifetime slaving away ?


But after slaving over something for ten years, it is rather nice to show it off a bit.


Because I like you, Breeze, and it makes my blood boil to think of you slaving away as you do.

Plus it has an effects loop, and a preamp out for slaving up to other power amps, and so on.

She spends the next ten years taking in washing, slaving away to pay back the money they borrowed to replace it.

You must cease this nonsensical life of yours, slaving away as if you were a servant!

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