Meaning of SLAVE in English

Synonyms and related words :

Charlie McCarthy, agent, ancilla, apple-polisher, appliance, ass-licker, backscratcher, backslapper, beast of burden, bondmaid, bondman, bondslave, bondsman, bondswoman, bootlick, bootlicker, brown-nose, brownie, captive, chattel, chattel slave, churl, clawback, concubine, contrivance, coolie, courtier, creature, cringer, debt slave, dependent, device, do double duty, dray horse, drudge, dummy, dupe, elucubrate, fag, fawner, feudatory, flatterer, flunky, follower, footlicker, galley slave, go-between, gofer, greasy grind, grind, groveler, grub, hack, handmaid, handmaiden, handshaker, hanger-on, helot, help, hierodule, hit the ball, homager, hustle, implement, inferior, instrument, interagent, intermediary, intermediate, intermedium, jackal, kowtower, labor, laborer, lackey, led captain, lever, lickspit, lickspittle, liege, liege man, liege subject, lucubrate, mealymouth, mechanism, mediator, medium, menial, midwife, minion, moil, muck, myrmidon, odalisque, organ, overwork, pawn, peon, plaything, plod, plodder, pour it on, puppet, retainer, scratch, scullion, serf, servant, slavey, slog, slogger, spaniel, stooge, subject, subordinate, suck, sweat, swot, sycophant, theow, thrall, timeserver, toad, toady, toil, toiler, tool, toy, truckler, tufthunter, underling, understrapper, vassal, vehicle, villein, work hard, work late, work overtime, workhorse, yeoman, yes-man

Moby thesaurus English vocabulary.      Английский словарь Moby Тезаурус .