Meaning of SNOW in English

I. noun


a rain/snow storm

They got caught in a terrible snow storm.

artificial snow

Some ski resorts use huge amounts of artificial snow.

blanket of snow

The hills were covered with a blanket of snow .

blinding rain/snow/heat etc

I struggled back to the hut through blinding rain.

it rains/snows heavily

It’s been raining heavily all day.

pure/snow white (= completely white )

snow white hair

snow blindness

snow chains

snow cone

snow day

snow globe

snow job

snow line

snow pea

snow plough

a snow plough turn

snow route

snow tire

snow/land/slum etc clearance

flooding caused by forest clearance




They spent their long winters under a deep blanket of snow , singing and creating ghost stories.

The sick horse, on the inside, floundered among the rocks and deep snow .

Temperatures have been near-10 to-200F for months now every night, and the deep snow has obliterated even the banks.

Because many skiers rely on skidding, they come unstuck in deep snow .

The blind is now covered with deep snow , making it a fir-lined igloo!

Such knowing like reaching through deep snow to the land beneath.

Call it big dough for deep snow .


Perhaps Gwen Evans was as pure as the driven snow .

He comes across as whiter than the driven snow .


That afternoon, looking down from my bedroom window, I had watched the tracks I'd made disappear under fresh snow .

A fresh blanket of snow makes it difficult to see exactly how wide a swath the Merced and its feeder creeks cut.

Clouds and fresh snow have high values in all bands.

This fresh Michigan snow makes a distinct noise of protest when you walk on it.

He is himself fresh snow , and the baby shoots poking through.

The lake is flat, its hard crust free of fresh snow .

He wore a plain white shirt as fresh as new snow tiny gold cufflinks and a polka-dot tie.

Have you ever watched a big heavy cockerel walk on thick, fresh snow ?


However, there had been very heavy snow and the farm was snowed in.

Shrubs and trees deserve a look after a heavy snow .

It was believed that the accident happened as an indirect result of heavy rain and snow storms in the city.

For the most part, however, Boston in a heavy snow was skiers' Eden.

For the first time in seven years, heavy winter snow has filled California's rivers.

I walked laboriously, sinking deeply into the heavy crusted snow with every step.

Low, clear and cold and sport patchy. Heavy falls of snow will result in more cold water.

He scooped up the heavy wet snow , digging hard, his mind ticking through the mechanics of a last nifty illusion.


The bushes wore thick caps of snow .

Elsewhere there was thick snow on the A68 and slushy snow on the A1 near Alnwick.

It was a heavy snowfall and by morning even the most prominent landmark was disguised beneath a thick covering of snow .

It most certainly lightened my step and made my fingers more nimble as we marched through the thick snow .

The streets and roofs of the houses were covered with a thick mantle of snow .

Have you ever watched a big heavy cockerel walk on thick , fresh snow ?

Frank Galvone walked in, clad in a snow-covered sheepskin which trailed his ankles, the fur thick with snow.


Porcelain shepherdess and fleeces white as snow .

Tiny fields, green and white where the snow was melting again, led down to the outskirts of the town.

The children had named it Winter because it was as white as snow .

Above me, a strange moon, white as snow , waned behind purple clouds.

The chaplain went white as snow and fainted straight out of the pulpit.

She had shiny black hair, skin as white as snow , and cheeks as red as the setting sun.



The bad winter weather with no guaranteed snow cover could prove to be this expansion's downfall.


A snow drift of paper is going to hit it.

His presidential hopes thus suffered a fatal blow in the snow drifts of New Hampshire.

Mountain goats have to contend with narrow ice-covered ledges, deep snow drifts and avalanches.


On the screen snow falls , a boy walks down steps, a younger, dreadlocked Bamgboye takes a bath.


A sudden snow flurry gives Nathan his first-ever view - if that is not a contradiction in terms - of a white-out.

He stepped out, and the cold from a recent snow flurry smacked him hard in the face.


The worst snow storm was in January 1940, when ten trams and a bus failed to make the depot.

The snow storm is expected to drop up to 30 inches of snow in some parts of the U. S. Northeast.

It was believed that the accident happened as an indirect result of heavy rain and snow storms in the city.

Northeasters and snow storms hurt most retailers, but the weather actually helped Sears.

The Homeowners' account was adversely affected by weather claims, including the East Coast snow storms .

Moira Anderson vanished without trace in a snow storm while running an errand for her grandmother on 23 February 1957.


When winter snow and ice cover the breeding grounds the birds head south to Britain.

Meanwhile, the blanket of winter snow was disappearing about a week earlier in 1991 than it was in the early 1980s.

For the first time in seven years, heavy winter snow has filled California's rivers.

Three part version is available with a summer or winter snow basket as an optional extra.

There are some small craft under wraps, lined up abandoned to the winter snow which has almost buried them.



The concrete paths had been cleared of snow and ice.

Be certain to clear snow from around your lights, front and rear.

After clearing away the snow , I managed to enter the hut.

His engine was running and his windscreen wipers whipped back and forth to keep the glass clear of snow .

And remember that it is illegal to drive with an obscured license plate. Clear it of snow .

He cleared the wet snow from a bench with his forearm.

As a camera crew shot the outside of the Ramsey home, neighbor Barnhill was busy clearing new-fallen snow from his sidewalk.


It swirled and howled, driving the sleet and snow towards him alone.

They carried parasols and held them against the driving snow as they minced along in three-inch clogs.

The biting wind drove the snow before it, so that the whole dale seemed to be lost in a grey mist.

Instead of slowing down and driving through the snow and ice like sensible individuals, they drive like idiots.

Outside I could hear the wind driving the snow against the window.

Both teams will have driven through drifting snow to play the game.

At the end of each film there is a short piece on driving on snow using a 4x4 Jeep.

In the face of the hard, driving snow , the stage slowed.


Next day, they stopped and made snow houses.

He stopped and the snow began to drift over the toes of his boots.

Six of them did a routine on top of a tank, and did not stop even when the snow began to fall.


a mantle of snow/darkness etc

be as pure as the driven snow

driving rain/snow

He feels like a fool in his virtual reality goggles as he trudges through the driving rain to the parked aircraft.

In the face of the hard, driving snow, the stage slowed.

Inside, peace reigns, even in driving rain.

The air was full of driving rain as Jack climbed the hill.

The darkness was so complete that no one could have seen her through the driving rain and almost instantly the house disappeared.

The somber job was made more difficult by driving snow and subfreezing temperatures.

There was continuous driving rain, and a cold that numbed me.

They carried parasols and held them against the driving snow as they minced along in three-inch clogs.

snow-bound/strike-bound/tradition-bound etc

snow-clad/ivy-clad etc

snow/ice field

Andy and John are on an ice field in Zanskar now, toiling slowly up toward the monastery.

Cross-country skiing is very popular and cable cars and ski lifts take the skiers up to the snow fields .

Early in the programme a few specimens of achondrites were found in both the Allan Hills and Yamato ice fields .

This ice field was steeper than the first, and twice as high.

the snow line

virgin land/forest/soil/snow etc

After an initial few hundred feet across virgin land the railway will join the old trackbed of the long-disused Newbury Railway.

Another road runs south, through the oilfields, and is constantly being extended into virgin forest.

Cloud shadows scudded across immeasurable stands of virgin forests.

In low range, it walks with authority across a field covered by a couple of feet of packed virgin snow.

In response to the beard-shaving incident the Dwarfs chopped down entire virgin forests to spite the Elves.

Some scientists believe that it can take up to a thousand years for virgin forest to be truly established.

The trees here were all larger and growing much more vigorously than in the virgin forest above.

Within an hour, Bucharest is buried under a blanket of virgin snow.


Over six inches of snow fell last night.

She disappeared without trace in a heavy snow storm.

Some snow is expected to fall in the Rockies tonight.

The recent storm was one of the heaviest snows this winter.

The tops of the mountains were still covered in snow .

The trees were covered with snow .

There was a single line of footprints in the virgin snow .

Tony and I trudged home through the deep snow .

When climbing in snow and ice, it is essential to use the correct gear.


Businesses were suffering from the snow even in the deep South.

For the most part, however, Boston in a heavy snow was skiers' Eden.

I collect snow and start off for the nearest dead tree with the big knife and an axe.

Perhaps Gwen Evans was as pure as the driven snow .

That snow piled up outside windows in Washington and elsewhere in the Northeast may slow business even more.

There will be some gains, including faster growing forests, less snow and lower heating bills.

We were crossing a high, thin cordillera of mountains, their tops already covered with snow .

II. verb




It snowed again in the night, on an icy wind.

It had snowed again during the night.

It was snowing again , or sleeting, when Kalchu's uncle died in February.


Sometimes, when it snowed heavily , the filmmakers were terrified lest she would not get back from London in time.


I found myself snowed under from the start.

He had applied for a grant but at the time Liverpool City Council was snowed under by applications.



Darkness fell early, and it started to snow .

He said it started snowing in the area around noon.

It had started to snow , huge flakes swirling in the cold evening.

It's just started to snow here and the snow is filled with ice cold rain its horrible!

It had started to snow , the first I'd seen since leaving Toronto.


It snowed continually for three weeks.

McDonald is manipulating his supporters, snowing them with his good looks.


Because I would never snow you.

I found myself snowed under from the start.

In the last week it had positively snowed letters and business.

It snowed again in the night, on an icy wind.

It never snows there, and you can swim in the ocean all year round.

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