Meaning of SNOW in English

I. snow 1 S2 W3 /snəʊ $ snoʊ/ BrE AmE noun

[ Language: Old English ; Origin: snaw ]

1 . [uncountable] soft white pieces of frozen water that fall from the sky in cold weather and cover the ground ⇨ sleet :

Snow was falling heavily as we entered the village.

I could see footprints in the snow.

The town was buried under three feet of snow.

2 . [countable] a period of time in which snow falls:

one of the heaviest snows this winter

3 . snows [plural] a large amount of snow that has fallen at different times during the winter:

the melting of the winter snows

4 . [uncountable] small white spots on a television picture, caused by bad weather conditions, weak television signals etc

5 . [uncountable] informal ↑ cocaine

• • •


■ verbs

▪ snow falls

Outside in the dark, snow was falling silently.

▪ snow settles (=stays on the ground)

The snow was beginning to settle.

▪ snow drifts (=is blown into deep piles)

The snow had drifted up against the hedge.

▪ snow covers/blankets something

The ground was covered with snow.

▪ snow melts (=turns to water)

The snow has melted and the ground is bare once more.

■ adjectives

▪ deep

The snow was quite deep in places.

▪ heavy (=when a lot of snow falls)

France has been expecting heavy snow all week.

▪ fresh

I had watched the tracks I’d made disappear under fresh snow.

▪ powdery

The powdery snow flies up as I walk through it.

▪ wet snow

He cleared the wet snow from the car windscreen.

▪ light snow (=when only a small amount falls)

A light snow had begun to fall.

▪ driving snow (=falling fast)

We walked home through driving snow.

▪ swirling snow (=blowing around as it falls)

It was difficult to see in the swirling snow.

■ phrases

▪ several inches/feet of snow

More than eight inches of snow fell in 48 hours.

▪ a blanket/carpet of snow

Within an hour, Bucharest was buried under a blanket of snow.

▪ flakes of snow (=individual pieces of snow)

A few flakes of snow started to fall.

▪ a flurry of snow/a snow flurry (=when a small amount of snow blows around in the wind)

The day was cold, with a few flurries of snow.

▪ a fall of snow (=an occasion when it snows)

We had our first fall of snow in mid-November.

▪ a drift of snow (=snow blown into a pile by the wind)

Sheep became buried in six-foot drifts of snow.

• • •


▪ snow noun [uncountable] soft white frozen water that falls from the sky:

The ground was covered with deep snow.


Snow began to fall.

▪ snowflakes noun [plural] pieces of snow falling from the sky:

The first snowflakes fluttered down between the trees.

▪ sleet noun [uncountable] a mixture of snow and rain:

The snow turned to sleet and then rain.

▪ slush noun [uncountable] snow on the road that has partly melted and is very wet:

I made my way through the dirty slush.

▪ blizzard noun [countable] a storm with a lot of snow and a strong wind:

We got caught in a blizzard on our way to school.

▪ frost noun [uncountable] white powder that covers the ground when it is cold:

Frost can kill delicate plants.

▪ hail/hailstones noun [U, plural] drops of rain that fall as ice:

Hail bounced on the tiled roof.


He heard a strange sound, like hailstones striking glass.

▪ a white Christmas a Christmas when there is snow:

Do you think there will be a white Christmas this year?

II. snow 2 BrE AmE verb

1 . it snows if it snows, snow falls from the sky:

It snowed all night.

It started snowing around five.

2 . be snowed in to be unable to travel from a place because so much snow has fallen there:

We were snowed in for three days last winter.

3 . be snowed under

a) informal to have more work than you can deal with

be snowed under with

I found myself snowed under with work.

b) if an area is snowed under, a lot of snow has fallen there so that people are not able to travel

4 . [transitive] American English informal to persuade someone to believe or support something, especially by lying to them

snow somebody into doing something

Millions of readers were snowed into believing it was a true story.

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