Meaning of SNOW in English

n. & v.


1. atmospheric vapour frozen into ice crystals and falling to earth in light white flakes.

2 a fall of this, or a layer of it on the ground.

3 a thing resembling snow in whiteness or texture etc.

4 a mass of flickering white spots on a television or radar screen, caused by interference or a poor signal.

5 sl. cocaine.

6 a dessert or other dish resembling snow.

7 frozen carbon dioxide.


1. intr. (prec. by it as subject) snow falls (it is snowing; if it snows).

2 tr. (foll. by in, over, up, etc.) confine or block with large quantities of snow.

3 tr. & intr. sprinkle or scatter or fall as or like snow.

4 intr. come in large numbers or quantities.

5 tr. US sl. deceive or charm with plausible words.

Phrases and idioms:

be snowed under be overwhelmed, esp. with work. snow-blind temporarily blinded by the glare of light reflected by large expanses of snow. snow-blindness this blindness. snow-blink the reflection in the sky of snow or ice fields. snow boot an overboot of rubber and cloth. snow-broth melted or melting snow. snow bunting a mainly white finch, Plectrophenax nivalis. snow goose a white Arctic goose, Anser caerulescens, with black-tipped wings. snow-ice opaque white ice formed from melted snow. snow leopard OUNCE(2). snow owl snowy owl. snow partridge a mainly white partridge, Lerwa lerwa. snow-slip an avalanche. snow-white pure white.


snowless adj. snowlike adj.

Etymology: OE snaw f. Gmc

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