Meaning of STAGGER in English

I. verb




Even while they are staggering about , fluttering and floundering, these mock-disabled birds are fully aware of everything around them.

Parkgoers draw perverse amusement from watching its victims stagger about in a state of vertiginous disorientation, after just one ride.

Luke was staggering about , aided by everyone, and Helen was in her pram.

The funeral was over, and Selene grew, soon staggering about on fat legs.


He staggers around the stage in half darkness, apparently playing only for himself; a guitar hero without any self-congratulatory heroics.

She had seen it staggering around on uncertain legs a few mornings before.

Horrified witnesses watched helplessly as the blazing man staggered around the square before collapsing.


Sonny went staggering back , arms flailing, spitting blood and fragments of teeth.

He actually got up and staggered back to his jungle lair somewhere in darkest Soho when nobody was looking.

Cleo staggered back from the loving assault being bestowed upon her by the two larger animals.

We staggered back to the shack and went to sleep.

Nevertheless, the stringent regimen that was normality for many - even in a lavish burg - was staggering back towards normal.


A flailing chimera of camera crews, photographers and reporters staggers backwards down some city high street.

Suddenly Dad uttered a sharp cry and staggered backwards , slumping against the wall.

The captain staggered backwards , tripped over the dropped gun and fell on to the sidewalk.

With a gasp Chantal staggered backwards , reaching for the chair back to steady herself.

Her blow connected, and Ma Katz staggered backwards , blade scraping the flower-pattern wallpaper.

The fist's owner became visible, staggering backwards , clutching the wounded article and uttering cuss words.

Gunfire rattled against his pectoral shields, and he staggered backwards from the blast.

The recoil was unexpected and he staggered backwards as Cardiff reached him, not knowing whether he had hit it or not.


He picked himself up and staggered down a corridor.

Then Vernage noticed Sergeant King staggering down the road in a desperate bid to flag down a car.

A minute later Sid staggered down the steps with the fish still in the roll of lino.

I was shaking so much that I had to lift the kettle with two hands when I staggered down the yard.


Then he staggered off the pavement into the street, throwing a glance down towards the brighter lights at the junction.

She staggers off though she is nowhere near as afraid as I believe she should be.

She struggled to her feet, her only thought to avoid discovery, and staggered off into the darkness.

A minute later, she got up, dazed, and staggered off the stage.


Pushing himself up, he staggered on , feeling angry and desperate inside.

The numbers are staggering on so many fronts.

Outworn institutions were to stagger on until, in some cases, the outworn machines and sluices which they maintained also collapsed.

That loony leftover of a nation surely won't stagger on much longer-and anyway it's suspended its missile programme.

The all-enveloping darkness made her progress difficult but in her emotional state she staggered on .

A diminished Slobodan Milosevic may stagger on for a while.

He went on ahead while Willie staggered on after him.

In good faith, mind bulging with information, the reader staggers on .


Had it been any night other than Wednesday, he would have staggered out .

Jim put his arms around me and I staggered out into the night, which smelled so good.

Characters staggering out from between the pages on the Day of Judgment, brushing earth from their lips.

Laughing to herself, she staggered out of the room and went down the corridor to the cell where Hicks was sleeping.

Gasping at the weight, she staggered out to the dustbin with the jam jars.

Do you wait around with a gun in your hand to shoot me down when I finally stagger out ?

At last a lone figure staggered out , singing raucously as he swaggered in a drunken stupor.

Little Jane, set down by Dorothy, staggered out to join the others.


Delaney staggered over , half falling into the vacated chair.

They staggered over and embraced me.

Many of the tables were screened from one another, and staggered over different levels.

Muriel'd staggered over and joined in.



He staggered to his feet and ran from the cathedral.

Mustering all her strength, Jinju staggered to her feet .

The single four-barrel Holley carb can gulp down a staggering 750 cubic feet of air every minute at full throttle.

Liessa hurried across the grass and helped Hrun stagger to his feet .

Maltote staggered to his feet and went down to relieve himself in the necessary house.

But I knew I could manage to stagger to my feet and find fresh kindling.

Stunned, she staggered to her feet .


Two strong young foresters appeared at the drawing-room door with it and even they staggered a little under its weight .

Then, staggering under the weight , she carried her suitcases into the waiting room and sat down beside Ollie.

He flung himself on her and she staggered under his weight .

When the country is already staggering under the weight of consumer debt.

Almost at once she was back again staggering under the weight of an enormous round chocolate cake on a china platter.


My father was staggering under the weight of a huge parcel.

Something hit me on the head, and I staggered across the room.

We were all staggered by the news of her death.


Cardiff staggered and almost fell back against Barbara.

I staggered across to the washbasins.

II. noun


At a slightly uneven stagger the coffin set off down the aisle.

At Twentieth and Larimer he saw some men with a stagger in their gait.

But leaving no trace on the breath, never impairing speech or inducing a slight stagger , faro had escaped her view.

What is not readily appreciated by the newcomer is the stagger of the line lengths.

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