Meaning of STAGGER in English

[stag.ger] vb stag.gered ; [alter. of earlier stacker, fr. ME stakeren, fr. ON stakra, freq. of staka to push; perh. akin to OE staca stake--more at stake] vi (15c) 1 a: to reel from side to side: totter b: to move on unsteadily

2: to waver in purpose or action: hesitate

3: to rock violently "the ship ~ed" ~ vt 1: to cause to doubt or hesitate: perplex

2: to cause to reel or totter

3: to arrange in any of various zigzags, alternations, or overlappings of position or time "~ work shifts" "~ teeth on a cutter" -- n

[2]stagger n (1577) 1 pl but sing or pl in constr: an abnormal condition of domestic mammals and birds associated with damage to the central nervous system and marked by incoordination and a reeling unsteady gait

2: a reeling or unsteady gait or stance

3: an arrangement in which the leading edge of the upper wing of a biplane is advanced over that of the lower [3]stagger adj (1875): marked by an alternating or overlapping pattern

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