Meaning of STAGGER in English

/ ˈstægə(r); NAmE / verb


to walk with weak unsteady steps, as if you are about to fall

SYN totter :

[ v , usually + adv. / prep. ]

The injured woman staggered to her feet.

He staggered home, drunk.

We seem to stagger from one crisis to the next.

( figurative )

The company is staggering under the weight of a £10m debt.

[ vn ]

I managed to stagger the last few steps.


to shock or surprise sb very much

SYN amaze :

[ vn ]

Her remarks staggered me.

[ v that ]

It staggers me that the government is doing nothing about it.


[ vn ] to arrange for events that would normally happen at the same time to start or happen at different times :

There were so many runners that they had to stagger the start.

►  stag·ger noun :

to walk with a stagger



late Middle English (as a verb): alteration of dialect stacker , from Old Norse stakra , frequentative of staka push, stagger.

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