Meaning of STAY in English


I. verb


a hospital stay (= the period someone spends in hospital )

New surgical techniques mean a hospital stay of less than 48 hours.

a stay of execution (= the official stopping or delay of an execution )

He was granted a stay of execution by the Supreme Court.

avoid/keep off/stay off a subject (= not talk about it )

I knew he was trying to avoid the subject of drugs.

She hoped that Anna would keep off the subject of Luke for the next few hours.

get/keep/stay ahead

Getting ahead at work is the most important thing to her at the moment.

keep (sb/sth) afloat/stay afloat

The Treasury borrowed £40 billion, just to stay afloat.

keep (sb/sth) afloat/stay afloat

Somehow we kept the ship afloat.

keep/stay away from an area

The police ordered people to stay away from the area.

keep/stay cool

his ability to keep cool in a crisis

keep/stay in shape

She’s bought an exercise bike to keep in shape.

keep/stay out of mischief (= not do things that cause trouble etc )

Can I trust you to stay our of mischief for half an hour?

keep/stay warm (= wear enough clothes not to feel cold )

Make sure you keep warm!

remain/stay aloof (from sb)

They worked hard, but tended to stay aloof from the local inhabitants.

remain/stay at a level

The fees are likely to remain at current levels.

remain/stay/keep calm

I tried to stay calm and just ignore him.

remain/stay/keep silent

She kept silent, forcing Buchanan to continue.

remain/stay/stick in your memory (= be remembered for a long time )

That day will remain in my memory forever.

stand/stay/remain etc on the sidelines

You can’t stay on the sidelines for ever; it’s time you got involved.

stay alert

Taking notes is one of the best ways to stay alert in lectures.

stay at/in a hotel

We stayed in a hotel near the airport.

stay in bed (= not get up early/at the usual time )

At the weekend it’s really nice to be able to stay in bed.

stay in business (= continue operating and not become bankrupt )

Some stores are finding it hard to stay in business.

stay in the race

Forbes has the money to stay in the mayoral race as long as he likes.

stay married

I cannot stay married to a man I do not love.

stay the night (= sleep at someone's house )

You're welcome to stay the night if you like.

stay/act within the law (= not do illegal things )

The security forces must act within the law.

stayed alive

We stayed alive by eating berries.

stayed home

We stayed home last night.

staying overnight

Pam’s staying overnight at my house.

staying power

a team with staying power

stay/keep close

We must all stay close.

stay/keep in contact ( also maintain contact formal )

We’ve stayed in contact since we met on holiday.

stay/keep in touch (= keep writing or talking, even though you do not see each other often )

Anyway, we must stay in touch.

I met him when I worked in Madrid, and I’ve kept in touch with him ever since.

stay/keep/remain awake

I was tired and it was hard to stay awake.

stay/remain/keep solvent

I don’t know how we managed to remain solvent.

stays fine

I hope it stays fine for you.




Thornton accepted, agreeing to stay around and possibly play a larger role again if things looked up.

Thomson stayed around for the festivities, as did assorted other friends.

The armed robber, needless to say, did not stay around to be sued.

The amino acids from any one meal stay around for about 24 hours.

Lisa was always his favourite and he seemed favourably impressed that Tony had stayed around .

Sometimes he stays around , but it's only a matter of convenience when we're working.


If you had £50, perhaps you would stay away for three months.

If an old abandoned hooch was next to a roadway that is patrolled daily, stay away !

It stays away for two, three or even four years, it is deemed to be full-grown.

Last minute, the father relented and went along, but he might as well have stayed away .

I never ran away , but stayed away.

Her marriage was in crisis; over the preceding week, the decedent had stayed away from home.

I suppose I wouldn't really stay away .

Magic Johnson should stay away from the Lakers.


The males stay behind , for their showy manes would only disturb the hunt whose technique is stealth.

The other unit stayed behind to form a second wave.

He hedged a bit, saying that the shift might take up to 15 years and that a ministry or two might stay behind .

She had been taken ill at the weekend and had had to stay behind in Liverpool.

Branagh, who stays behind the camera this time, now works primarily in movies.

Many men and teenage boys stayed behind to guard their families' possessions.

The one who will never stay behind , no matter how exhausted he is.


Pyjamas seems afraid of them: he stays close to the wall.

The trick to that is staying close enough to see their instrument lights.

It can leave the Tower if driven out in this way, but it must stay close to the outside walls.

I tend to stay close to people who can tell me things I like knowing.

Feminist psychologies which work by association, stay close enough to psychology's concerns to be able to contest them.

That was another good reason to stay close to home and in your own neighborhood-town and ethnic state.

His daughter stayed close to me to make sure that nobody hurt me.

They stayed close , hung around to the end and absorbed another painful defeat.


Red, orange, green - I could stay here for ever.

But I can't stay here , in case he comes to find me.

Why are you staying here , Walter?

She stayed here for several days.

Only humans stay here for the full year.

A number of sea-faring men had stayed here with their wives over the years.

Please stay here until I come back.


If there is not a Disco I will stay home and watch television.

Whichever way we say this, any sensible person knows that the staying home is because of the rain.

U2's Achtung Baby album won five trophies but they stayed home - preferring to celebrate in their favourite Dublin pub instead.

A parent often must stay home from work to care for the child, she said.

Some policies will also include eventualities like job loss or having to stay home to care for a sick relative.

Her life ambition was to stay home for ever.

The National's Boris Godunov was built around Ognovenko; he had to stay home .

One of the last nights, Amelia begged off going to a party and stayed home , so Toot stayed home too.


I could stay in and get drunk.

A quick discussion ensues and they decide to stay in so they can finish their penguins and the pumpkin observations.

In the end I stayed in and got drunk.

I stay in , play Bach on the earphones and vacuum the broadloom.

He stayed in , and the recession worsened.

He stayed in the room for as long as he could bear it, waiting to see if Ray would come round.

She put in the subs too early; she let them stay in too long.


Human biology could rule out long stays aboard a space station.

He had to choose it by himself because Agnes didn't stay long .

No, they hadn't stayed long - a little amused glance at Narouz here.

And she need not, after all, stay long .

She flits in and out of people's lives and never stays long enough to allow anyone to get to know her.

Even if he does come and he won't be able to stay long , even though the division is not marked in writing.

At the end of his year long stay he was due to return to lectures at Sheffield University.

It houses long stay elderly patients who will move this year to a new community unit if all goes to plan.


Had she been coming from London straight to Feliburn she could have stayed on the main road all the way.

Some winter visitors stay on until mid-April.

Baxter stayed on and Ed stayed in place until another successor for Baxter was found.

The situation has improved substantially since then and girls have achieved parity with boys as far as staying on at school.

Truitte stayed on , and five months later Horton asked him if he was interested in joining the company.


Alternatively they can stay out at night in an enclosed field.

He sometimes gets his shoes soiled in trying to stay out of the muck.

She would stay out here until evening, if it killed her in the process.

He often cried in the late afternoons, and sometimes I stayed out of the house because of it.

It's not like you to stay out like that.

Amelia meanwhile, to avoid being discovered, stayed out of sight in the plane.

But still, he stayed out there shovelling, confounding the pessimists even though his task was clearly hopeless.

Moral: Stay out of the war unless it is on home grounds.


Continue to beautiful Lake Powell and stay overnight at the Holiday Inn or similar.

On a Saturday, supporters driving hundreds of miles from east and west Tennessee could stay overnight without missing work.

I stayed overnight at the Bush Hotel.

She was to stay overnight in the hospital and was expected to be released Thursday morning, hospital spokesman Brice Peyre said.

Spend the evening exploring the honeymoon capital of the world, staying overnight at Your Host Motor Inn.

Guests stay overnight in a Taoist monastery and climb to the peak of Mount Wudang Shan to welcome the sunrise.


This can lock on to a target and stay there .

My husband and I stayed there for our honeymoon.

In 1682, he was forced to go back to Ireland and to stay there for 3 years.

The men who came through stayed there , waiting for their ship.

He stayed there only a short time before moving to Gloucestershire where he has been ever since.

Why the sea anemone stays there and whether it gains anything from this relationship is not known.

Once it had moved to Kyoto, the capital stayed there for centuries.


And that is where we stayed together , until we heard the Compline bell.

A central issue: Is it better for children if unhappy parents split or if they stay together ?

It's essential for good vision that they stay together , particularly over the central area.

Psychologists have found that couples who lack moments of jealousy are less likely to stay together than jealous ones.

The family that e-mails together stays together.

I also said that I truly wanted the team to stay together .

The government coalition, provided it stays together , has an advantage in organisation and money.

Stories about mishaps teach youngsters that families and friends stay together through tough times.


He stays up until the early hours devouring the news wires.

He just took a leap, held his breath, and stayed up .

You should have stayed up your own end of town.

She become passionate about it and would stay up hours past her bedtime to paint.

Wolfenstein is so addictive you will probably attempt to play it to a conclusion by staying up all night.

Anne began acting worse-was rebellious, stayed up late, slept in the daytime.

I stayed up late to clear things up, and got up early to do the same thing.

I hope we stay up there.


If the loose ferrets make contact with the wounded rabbits they become preoccupied, stay where they are and do not resurface.

Could it be that some of us might like it better if they stayed where they belong?

Once you research what might be available it may make you unhappier staying where you are.

No. Stay where you are.

They simply stayed where they where, circled about their prisoner, their faces implacable, their eyes cold.

Maybe you should of stayed where you was, Lu.

You can get about on those leg things of yours; we have to stay where you put us.

By November, the University had told them they could stay where they were through 1997.



They explained that they were poor and that the sick man was rich and could afford to stay in bed without working.

I would like to stay in bed for ever, curled under the covers, with the lights out, the drapes drawn.

I may read the papers, or perhaps just stay in bed wondering if there's anything on the doorstep.

It made it tough to stay in bed until the dorm lights came on at six-thirty.

What he'd like best is to stay in bed on Father's Day.

The drawings stayed under the bed .

I had to stay in bed most of that weekend and it stopped being a treat and started to get really boring.

When she felt bad, she would go to bed and stay in bed for a day or two at a time.


The player's manager will have no objection to whatever it is that is guiding McCoist staying firmly on course this evening.

Remember, most dieters fail to stay the course .

Investors who stay the course would have none of this.

Perhaps three out of ten who began Jesuit formation stayed the course .

My son had stayed the course .

Both sales and profits must climb if the company is to stay on course for success.

Ya wan na defend yurself, ya stay the course .


For eight days he lingered in Clifton, staying with friends , until the river cleared and the service resumed.

The family were surprised to hear that he had written to his father asking if he could bring a friend to stay .

What does matter is your staying with your friends and your family.

But she was staying with friends .

They stayed friends all through the next ten years, and I find that a lot more interesting than a simple affair.

My best friend just now will not necessarily stay my friend for ever, although it is possible.

I stay with my friend Allan, a flaky architect I had briefly been infatuated with in 1983.


Patients still need to recuperate but do not need to stay in an acute hospital to do so.

And then to have this decision made that they have to stay in the hospital .

He stayed in hospital for three-and-a-half weeks, and then spent several more convalescing in the country.

She was to stay overnight in the hospital and was expected to be released Thursday morning, hospital spokesman Brice Peyre said.

Parents have been promised the right to stay in hospital with their sick children at all times.

For two terrible weeks, Susan stayed at the hospital day and night.

She had a tearful reunion with her parents, Alan and Audrey, who stayed at the hospital overnight.

He can stay in the hospital till we decide on a safe house.


It had been simple to find out which hotels Chris had stayed in.

Although the hotel we stayed at was very beautiful.

It is attached to the hotel where the Packers stay the night before their home games.

He did not like the fact that his potential assassins had got so close to the Hotel where he was staying .

There was no tracking down Richter at a hotel -- he was staying at the Soviet Embassy.

Despite a strong police presence, 100 protesters had gathered on the Grand Canal opposite the hotel where Haider was staying .


Kate had felt she could not stay in that house a moment longer.

Lately she stays in her house for days on end, goes out only to get food.

It was hard to stay in the house .

And now here she is, staying at my house .

It was only that she couldn't stay in the house while mummy was being so horrible.

His job is safe if he wants to stay , White House officials said.

She just wanted to stay in that house .

Where there's not much money around, a couple is often forced to stay in the same house .


A Mr Crump stayed here last night , a Liverpool merchant.

Fathers may stay at night , and young siblings may visit as frequently as desired each day.

Oh, and Caroline, if you're going to the party, make sure you stay the night at Casa Sciorto.

Employees stayed late every night to drink from the open bar and banter about advertising concepts with their mentor.

Everyone knows that you get a lower air fare if you stay over a Saturday night .

Jo asked if Lili would care to stay the night on board the Minerva.

I might as well stay out all night as come home to you.


Standbridge Hotel E A highly individual place to stay .

This is possibly why for tourists Na-Bolom is one of the pricier places to stay in all San Cristobal.

The pool seemed to be a good place to stay .

The company had weathered intemperate climates, truculent soldiers, and cat-sized rats in one place they stayed along the tour.

No place to stay for any time, but food every ten miles or fifteen or twenty.

At least here we had a place to stay as winter approached.

They got to the place where she was staying , a quiet cul-de-sac.


He even wanted her to stay at school after she was sixteen, but she got round him there.

High-income earners tend to stay in school longer and start their families later.

For increasing numbers of pupils this means staying on at school and improving their examination results. 8.

My dad wanted me to stay in school .

I got better results than if I'd stayed at school .

He seems to make few friends and is content to stay at home after school and play Nintendo until bedtime.

Or you could stay another year at school or college and re-take the subjects you failed.

Holly will retain his scholarship as long as he stays in school , according to Frieder.


I have since then stayed in as close touch as seems safe.

We promise to stay in touch .

We are a close family and she has always stayed in touch .

We go skiing, stay in touch .

Chrissy suggested that they might loosely stay in touch and swap ideas.

Underneath it all was the desire to stay in touch with Sophie.

But one of the best ways of staying in touch is personal contact.

I want you to stay in touch .


So you are going to stay a while on the globe?

Local restaurant chefs will discuss staying creative while running businesses at noon Sunday.

I can't stay but a little while .

I stay for a short while , looking for Philip.

He stayed outside for a while before being ordered back inside his caravan by the soldiers.

I stayed for a while , enjoying the unexpected benefits of my nature walk, and then returned home.

They canbe persuaded to stay for a while by breeding, but in time they are likely to return.

They both would stay up for a while yet.



The case was reviewed by the Minister and Mr. Patel was allowed to stay .

His daily prayer was that he would be allowed to stay here.

Experience had taught her that allowing him time meant, in effect, allowing him to stay .

Mrs Place was allowed to stay .

Relatives should be allowed to stay with the resident throughout this time so that they are not left alone.

Many asked to be allowed to stay .

For mercy's sake, persuade your good woman here to allow the lady to stay .

The situation was not helped by Rigby's parents who originally would not allow her to stay overnight in Leeds.


If we do well, they might all decide to stay .

Eleanor decided to stay too, more because she didn't want to miss anything than out of solidarity with her doctors.

Charman, who decided to stay put, began logging gigs in a tour diary.

She had put off her summer plans and decided to stay with him.

Even were I so inclined, she can make her own decisions now, and she has decided to stay .

He decided he was staying put.


Careta would never let him stay .

Sometimes, not feeling confident in her judgement that he was playing up, she let him stay .

He was filled with a heady longing for the office and Mr Chand to accept him; to let him stay .

She put in the subs too early; she let them stay in too long.

She agrees to let him stay - of course she will.

Now let them stay in their territory.


She would have liked to stay longer, but realised that would have been greedy.

In other words, they like staying busy as much as they like making money.

They travel very slowly and if they like a place they stay there for a while and take their rest.

I would like to stay in bed for ever, curled under the covers, with the lights out, the drapes drawn.

What he'd like best is to stay in bed on Father's Day.

He would have liked to stay there, but he's excited about moving in another direction.

I'd like it to stay that way, do you hear?

They enjoy country life and like to stay at home with friends.


Intercepting radio and telephone traffic from and around the Eastern block, trying to stay one jump ahead of a dangerous enemy.

He sometimes gets his shoes soiled in trying to stay out of the muck.

The Lieutenant was desperately trying to stay in his saddle.

I tried to stay calm as I dressed and got my shoes on.

Whatever she has or does, I try to stay ahead.

Red is playing well, and Jody is trying to stay off her back.

I try to stay very busy.

I thought you was trying to stay out.


However, sources say the job's more titular than real with Waxman wanting to stay in the Boston area.

And what about women who want to stay home with their children?

She just wanted to stay in that house.

The respect you have for the game makes you want to stay away from it.

I wanted to stay living in our old place, Mulberry Cottage, the three of us together.

I want to stay and try to figure out some things.

I wanted to stay in that cold glass box for ever.

I wanted to see Marty stay .


be at sb's side/stay by sb's side/not leave sb's side

be/keep/stay etc in touch (with sth)

But Letitia stayed in touch , and together, sadly as it turned out, they had found family member Number Three.

EASY-TO-USE Paging is a simple but fast way to keep in touch .

I want you to stay in touch .

Lots of traveling dads and moms are now using e-mail to stay in touch .

One friend, a lawyer, swears by e-mail because it helps her keep in touch with far-flung friends.

The idea was to hang together, keep in touch with the audience and maybe make a few bucks.

They had been classmates as undergraduates at City College of New York and had always stayed in touch .

We may have to be in touch again.

be/keep/stay one step ahead (of sb)

It was a constant struggle to stay one step ahead of thrift regulators in Washington.

Money With better management of resources you will be able to stay one step ahead.

The reason Chappy is moving around so much is to keep one step ahead I suppose.

We don't want to sell him but we have to keep one step ahead.

hang/stay loose

Down a partly overgrown lane we stop outside a trailer which has a huge panel hanging loose revealing some yellow-green insulation material.

Now maybe I jus' wan na hang loose .

here to stay

Are video games a fad, or are they here to stay?

And Nicam is here to stay.

Hence the extent to which Conservative criminology is here to stay depends on more than mere changes of political parties.

Hitters beware: As veteran umpire Jim McKean put it, the high strike is here to stay.

In other words, the swimsuit issue is here to stay.

Like it or not, licensed dealers, in one form or another, seem here to stay.

Managed care is here to stay, experts at the conference agreed Wednesday.

There are now obvious signs that we are here to stay.

Without question, the Africanized bees are here to stay.

keep/stay abreast of sth

Executives keep abreast of events in the company by e-mail.

Dulles did more than make the customary recommendations that the policies of the colonial powers keep abreast of local political aspirations.

In this way, hip Benetton stays abreast of the unpredictable storms of fashion.

Many growers may feel overwhelmed as they struggle to keep abreast of potentially helpful developments.

Once in their job, industrial production managers must stay abreast of new production technologies and management practices.

One way to stay abreast of the legal fees is to ask for monthly billings.

Representative staff will keep abreast of national developments by attending conferences and by visiting other schools piloting such courses.

The trouble was that the purchasing power of the workers did not keep abreast of what they produced.

keep/stay etc a jump ahead (of sb)

keep/stay/steer clear (of sb/sth)

Answer Steer clear of these subjects.

Even if Ranieri had secured a change in the law, however, investors would have stayed clear of mortgage bonds.

He had stayed clear of the subject of religion since Christmas.

Pittman advises steering clear of any influence that puts our own happiness first.

The Profitboss steers clear of such indulgence, for in the end everyone pays dearly for the privilege of the few.

The starters have learned to steer clear of her.

Unless your home is totally dilapidated, steer clear of a complete redecoration prior to selling: it will arouse suspicion.

stick/stay in sb's mind

But it stuck in my mind .

I think those types of things stick in children's minds , so I didn't want her there.

It is not surprising that phrases do not stick in the mind .

It must have stuck in her mind , that an honest person might act out of character when severely threatened.

Last year, 7-21, that stays in your mind .

One incident that has always stuck in my mind was when I dove for my foxhole at the opening mortar round.

There are, as always with the work of Ralph Gibson, images that stick in the mind .

Yet the one small doubt stuck in her mind like a burr in tweed.


After what she said, I don't think we can stay friends.

Alice has never stayed in the same job for more than a year.

Are you staying for a drink, or do you have to go?

Are you staying to watch the game?

Are you sure you can't stay a little longer?

Do you think she'd stay if we offered her a raise?

Don't go so soon -- can't you stay just a little longer?

He stayed behind after class to ask the teacher a few questions.

He stayed with the baby until she fell asleep.

He stayed with the company for over thirty years.

How long are you staying?

I'm coming too. I'm not staying here on my own.

I've stayed at the same company for seven years, and I'd like to stick around for a while longer.

I stayed at my brother's house for a couple of weeks.

I didn't want to stay with Jordan's all my life -- I wanted a real career, one with a future.

I was having such a good time in Paris that I phoned my mother to say I was staying another week.

Is it all right if I stay the night?

It will stay cold for the next few days.

John only stayed at the party for a couple of hours.

Let's just stay calm and try to figure out what to do.


Got one up on Jackson Hill and the other one stay on Lombard Street.

He often told Lennie to stay away from Curley and his wife.

However, Lucy managed to convey that she intended to stay for several days, or perhaps for even a week.

I say it's a trick to persuade him to stay .

Lobbies were unheated and so if you hung your coat up wet then wet it stayed.

She is staying on campus for a while longer.

Some travel agency offices normally closed on Saturdays will stay open if there is a strike.

The chocolate will stay soft for hours after baking but will eventually harden again into chips.

II. noun




Between 1981 and 1986 the average hospital stay for a patient aged 85 and over decreased by 7.7 days.

He sailed through Alpine in eight weeks, a month less than the average stay .

In psychiatric hospitals, the countywide average stay has plummeted from 22 days five years ago to 13 days now.

The average stay is five to six months, but sometimes it may be as much as a year.


During John's brief stay in Paris, his father remarried.

After a brief stay in the frontier capital, Smith was back on the Santa Fe Trail, guiding pioneers westward.

It was a brief stay at Seaton.

A brief stay at a house provided by the district council ended after just two days when everything he had was stolen.

After a brief stay in Canton, we arrive in Hong Kong on 31 May.

And to help time fly during their brief stay , there was a radio to listen to even magazines to read.

Charles is unlikely to have suffered much in physical or intellectual terms from his enforced brief stay .

A neurotransmitter has only a brief stay at its receptor site.


The long stay in the corridors must have made him forgetful, he thought.

By careful timing, which is possible during a longer stay , you can avoid most of the crowds.

Ten years was the longest reported stay .

During that long hospital stay , it became painfully clear that I had two choices.

These are excellent if you are considering a long stay of two or three months.

As children no longer needed long hospital stays , the hospital opened its door to adults.


We arrive in Innsbruck for dinner and an overnight stay .

On to the Muskoka resort region for an overnight stay at the Highwayman Inn.

An overnight stay in Fort Lauderdale is complimentary for passengers departing from the West Coast.

His trips usually involve an overnight stay , and he pays the company rent for this occasional occupation.

The average charge for an overnight stay in such historic surroundings was £16 for the four of us, including breakfast.

Yes, if you have to spend any time in hospital as the result of an accident which requires an overnight stay .

A six-hour delay on an overnight stay ?


Birds have been seen in every month except June and August, and commonly make prolonged stays .

The other was a still life, part of a series painted during a prolonged stay in Paris.

A prolonged stay of several weeks was advised.

He was not about to see the Shah's prolonged stay upset that.


During his short stay in Madeira, he was a great benefactor of the island.

Gandhi stayed in Champaran seven months, and returned for two shorter stays.

Very often they moved on again after a short stay , for they found that reality was harsher than their dreams.

They promised short stays , more contacts with the outside world and treatment that stressed returning children home whenever possible.

Two troops deployed nearby to the west, awaiting a short stay at camp.

I went every day at the same time, in fact, over the period of my short stay .

Lamm also expects to spend some of his short stay in Silicon Valley chatting with potential donors.



The Doles met, she explained, at the end of his hospital stay for severe war injuries.

It is usually as effective as surgery in treating bile duct stones and involves a shorter hospital stay .

During that long hospital stay , it became painfully clear that I had two choices.

The reduction was due to more severe symptoms with longer hospital stay in the supportive care group.

There were no walking wounded, no agonized hospital stays , no maimed pilots to mar the scene.

Although 83 he was still sprightly and his death from pneumonia following a short hospital stay came as a shock.

As children no longer needed long hospital stays , the hospital opened its door to adults.


Usually in May we hire a coach and about 50 of us set off on a 3-day, 2-night hotel stay .


It must be combined with a 7 night stay at any one of our features Mombasa hotels.

A week can be split into four-and three-\#night stays .

On arrival transfer to the Luxor Hilton for a two night stay .



It's an ideal base from which to enjoy your stay .

I also enjoyed my stay in Patagonia.

However, even non-golfers will enjoy their stay at this hotel.

We sincerely hope you enjoy your stay with us, will visit us again, and recommend us to your friends.

Later, we talked in our beds, like children enjoying an overnight stay at a friend's house.

He didn't trouble with small-talk, or asking if the visitors were comfortable, or enjoying their stay .


The aunt refused to extend their stay when she caught Tam in bed with a bottle of sherry.

On the following day it was announced that the ship would extend its stay in Keelung because of unspecified supply difficulties.

The Blues wing-back is currently in talks with the club and dearly wants to extend his stay in East Anglia.


Because this would cause Mr Goodman financial hardship, a High Court judge said that it was wrong to grant a stay .

The Supreme Court ruled that plaintiffs at least be granted stays of deportation until lower courts had adjudicated their cases.

However, a federal appeals court granted a stay on the order.


a short stay in the hospital

I met her during my stay in Venice.

So how was the rest of your stay ?


Cash was treated for pneumonia during a two-week hospital stay in October 1999.

In psychiatric hospitals, the countywide average stay has plummeted from 22 days five years ago to 13 days now.

In short, they have done everything in their power to ensure a comfortable corporate stay in the city.

The stay at Oxford spoiled me, I guess.

The four inside stays are now being assembled, two are complete and the other two are well advanced.

The length of stay and conditions have been cited as key factors behind a recent surge in violence, escapes and riots.

Their average stay in a corps was only two years.

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