Meaning of STEADY in English


I. adjective


a constant/steady rate

The process takes place at a constant rate.

a constant/steady speed

The disc revolves at a constant speed.

a constant/steady/regular supply

For dairy farming, a constant supply of lush grass is essential.

a continuous/steady improvement (= happening slowly and gradually )

The following two seasons saw a steady improvement in the team's performance.

a serious/steady relationship (= one that lasts quite a long time )

It was his first serious relationship.

a steady expansion

There has been a steady expansion of the self-employed sector of the economy.

a steady gaze (= a look in which you do not look away )

Jess felt embarrassed under his steady gaze.

a steady job (= a job that is likely to continue )

I haven’t had a steady job since last March.

a steady pace

The economy was growing at a slow but steady pace.

calm/steady sb's nerves (= make someone feel less worried or nervous )

She took a few deep breaths, trying to calm her nerves.

gradual/steady erosion

There has been a steady erosion of the court's powers over the last ten years.

held steady

Since then, the pound has held steady against the dollar.

steady flow

There has been a steady flow of people leaving the area.

steady girlfriend (= one you have a long relationship with )

I didn’t have a steady girlfriend .

steady state theory


Steady progress has been made towards our objectives.

steady (= happening slowly but continuously )

The university has benefited from a steady increase in student numbers.


Japanese banks have been hit hard by the rise in interest rates.


The business has a history of steady growth.

steady/constant/endless etc stream

A steady stream of visitors came to the house.

steady/progressive (= gradual but continuous )

There has been a steady decline in club membership.




The next four decades saw a slow but fairly steady erosion of royal power.

During the summer months our casual trade has been fairly steady and a number of these casuals are now regular customers.

The recovery had been, though slow, from its inception, fairly steady .

Little passage is recorded in the spring, although there is fairly steady decline in the winter flocks after February.


After that Jack gave up the skiing altogether and I took it very steady .

The first year at university I had a very steady boyfriend who was doing a similar course as me but mechanical engineering.

The artists need a very steady hand.

This was not very steady and the model fell over.



In any case, life was much too enjoyable to think about steady boyfriends .

The first year at university I had a very steady boyfriend who was doing a similar course as me but mechanical engineering.

It would have to be with a steady boyfriend .


This trend reflects a steady decline in the teenage marriage rate since 1970.

Despite increases in yield per acre, that has led to a steady decline in the amount of dates harvested.

Southend's year has shown steady decline .

Television has contributed to the steady decline of solemnity in the courtroom.

There is no sign given of the possible collapse or steady decline in the fortunes of these economies.

The study also notes a steady decline in the number of college students taking political science courses or enrolling in law schools.

Smoking is on a steady decline among both men and women - but men pack up at a faster rate than women.

Ever since then his popularity here has continued a slow, steady decline .


He'd been brought up on a steady diet of blood, sweat and tears and Douglas Bader.

But a steady diet of soft, sugary foods will only make matters worse.

No normal man would have lived to Wilson's age on a steady diet of those things.


Her relationship with Meirion was crucial, too, for ensuring the steady flow of garments from Carno to London.

How else can members of Congress assume a steady flow of campaign contributions?

So prices are inflated and will remain so until there is a steady flow of imported goods.

We joined the steady flow of couples returning to the Barre cars.

And 5 months on, there's a steady flow of orders.

Now he had made it bleed again, a steady flow of drops falling on to his trousers.

A steady flow of oxygenated water can be maintained by an air stream in the uplift attached to a filter plate.

In order to provide a comprehensive service we need a steady flow of information to us.


Usually Sara saw him as a bronzed, athletic man with a steady gaze , manly features and narrow hips.

He will look you squarely in the eye, with a steady gaze .

Now the slow burn of his steady gaze awakened feelings within her which were scary.

Jess felt embarrassed under his steady gaze .

As she felt the pressure of his steady gaze she lost her sense of authority and began to feel awkward and girlish.

For a few seconds she found her eyes trapped in that unnervingly steady gaze .

He flinched but withstood the glare and held Lee's steady gaze .

She allowed her steady gaze to flicker from the glass which she had been holding firm.


Now at 16 Steven has a steady girlfriend of 15, who he has been going out with for several months.

Then, he started getting interested in banger-racing and got a steady girlfriend .


They had witnessed a steady growth in circulation and were well satisfied with their achievements, even hopeful that things would improve.

In recent years there has been a steady growth in the use of tribunals to deal with legal disputes rather than courts.

And that slow but steady growth rate upsets some politicians.

The business may have a history of steady growth .

But especially in the past half-dozen years, flavored mustards have shown steady growth .

However, the steady growth of electronic markets provides an important context for the longer term growth of handheld media.

Figure 9.1 shows a steady growth in money and real terms.


Dyson picked up the table-lighter, and with an absolutely steady hand lit the cigarette.

He found he had such a steady hand with his safety razor that he was prepared to go all the way.

This is still a job for scissors and a steady hand .

Gluing toothpicks takes a steady hand and a lot of patience, Sanchez said.

She has any eye for detail and a steady hand to piece it all together.

Good binoculars and a steady hand may reveal it as a thin crescent.

The patience, care and steady hand of Charles was an inspiration and all were impressed by his results.

The artists need a very steady hand .


The next decade should be one of consolidation a d steady improvement .

A second evaluation, in March 1994, reflected these slow and steady improvements .

The steady improvement of roads and the general increase in commerce helped boost cart traffic.

His career has shown a steady improvement , and he has no bad habits that would inevitably lead to a falloff.

He made steady improvement and was discharged 12 days after admission.

The second and third weeks saw a steady improvement .

From 1945 onwards there were steady improvements in magnetic tape.

There were signs of steady improvement .


Probably the greatest number were always corn mills, those more distant being used to provide a steady income .

Maybe you are heading toward retirement and therefore need investments that can provide you with a steady income .

A steady income stream is required to meet the costs of the syndicated lending department.

The more steady income , the more stable the return even as markets fall.

The only ones with a steady income were teachers, storekeepers and local officials.

Installment arrangements work best when the taxpayer has a steady income .

And we receive a steady income from interest on Third World debts.


By 1972, that figure had doubled to over 120,000 offences and since then there has been a steady increase .

That steady increase can take them several miles down into the crust.

Military returns had reported a steady increase in venereal infection among the men since the 1820s.

Unit costs were down and cash flow up, providing a steady increase in the gainsharing payout to employees.

The application of nuclear and radiation physics sees a steady increase in the number of titles.

It shows steady increases in accidents with injuries, as traffic volumes mounted.

This trend is partly accounted for by the steady increase in cohabitation.

However the statistics are compiled, an examination of local government expenditure shows a steady increase over the years.


She chooses whatever is available, probably a slightly older man with no more money but a steady job .

But the number of steady jobs has dwindled, and it is unlikely that time by itself will improve the picture.


As long as you go at a slow, steady pace , the job can be done and you none the wiser.

Louis: Regional economy is growing at a slow-but-steady pace .

They had been trying to maintain a steady pace , between hopping and running, and it had come hard.

Huntsville continues to build its high-tech infrastructure and should add jobs in that sector at a steady pace .

It was impossible to hurry but they moved at a steady pace , pausing seldom.

You go to work and toil at a hard, steady pace all day, accomplishing as much as you can?

The rhythm of the cart, moving once more at a steady pace , rocked the kaleidoscope of memory.

Recent surveys show that charity donations maintain a steady pace and that some giving to some charities by some people is increasing.


We are making steady progress , of which the country should be proud.

Hooker, operating against inferior numbers, made steady progress .

Even in these circumstances we still expect to make steady progress in 1993.

As they worked with him, he made slow and steady progress .

Mr. Waldegrave I believe that steady progress is being made, as my hon. Friend says.

Over the years, researchers made steady progress , creating ever quicker and more sophisticated programs.

All the Fire Protection branches made steady progress .

We are, as I just mentioned, close to that goal and making steady progress toward it.


The weather had changed to cold, steady rain .

But the Friday round, during which a steady rain fell unceasingly, was a different matter.

Piles of fallen leaves carpeted the forest floor with gold, and the stillness was broken only by the steady rain .

They coped well with steady rain making me question the need for overtrousers in milder seasons.

Water resistance: steady rain will penetrate but the fabric holds its own against light drizzle and dries out quickly after showers.

His chances of defending a frail total of 226 slipped away with the steady rain that fell for the last two hours.

A steady rain began to fall.

Water resistance: held off light showers well, though steady rain will penetrate.


When the satellite is busy messages queue up and are sent out at a steady rate .

Larger families around us were being rehoused at a steady rate , but we were doomed to wait for ever.

If the reconnection were to take place at a steady rate , the ion energy would show a continuous latitudinal dispersion.

The steady rate of pregnancy among wild females, however, attests to the efficiency of the system.

It continued at an almost steady rate until January 1964, when the situation stabilized.

The steel tracks ground along at a steady rate , flattening glorious highly-finned autos, scattering pedestrians and levelling lampposts.

They would be sending out radiation and particles at a steady rate .

Glottochronology is a technique developed for spoken languages which has a basic assumption that languages change at a relatively steady rate .


The highest earners have the most confidence in themselves, while those currently without a steady relationship are relatively lacking in confidence.

Half are married or in steady relationships .

But what of courses which do not have such a steady relationship ?


The steady rhythm of numbers is immensely calming.

The swamp cooler beats a steady rhythm , trying its best to tame the stuffy air.

For a while this procedure worked quite well, and we began to develop a steady rhythm .

Her heart faltered, then resumed its steady rhythm .

The slow, steady rhythm was pulsing in her veins.

I listened to my feet making a steady rhythm on the paved stones, as regular as a pulse beat.


Invisible receipts from tourism have shown a steady rise over recent years from 2.97 billion in 1981.

All groups have shown a steady rise over the 1977 to 1986 period.

There are forecasters who reject the picture of a steady rise in the euro against the dollar.

A steady rise in teenage pregnancies suggests teenagers are not using contraceptives.


It is believed that organisms soon adapt to microgravity and establish a new biological steady state .

At any given dosage, 2-4 days are required to reach steady state .

First, fluoridation will raise the average steady state or plateau level of ionic fluoride in the blood throughout the total population.

It is important to measure serum levels at steady state after each change of dose.

Ecotopians develop steady state systems and technologies.

In a word, a steady state system is lively, even truly alive, like a Darwinian universe.

There was no reasonable mechanism in the steady state theory to generate microwaves with such a spectrum.

The proposal that gained widest support was called the steady state theory.


The docks were experiencing a boom in trade and all day long a steady stream of customers came and went.

But until the weather here turns cool again and the race heats up, look for a steady stream of empty feints.

Individuals frequently work in a number of different company environments and experience a steady stream of training and personal development.

A steady stream of planks and tarpaper and logs was thumping the tree, pushing it farther over.

This, of course, is a recipe for disaster, her attempts to please meeting with a steady stream of rebuffs.

I4e was having a hard time still and his day was a steady stream of disappointments.

Press and television men were invited to breakfast or lunch with Whitelaw in a steady stream .

She had a steady stream of original questions about the world.


Keep them moist in a warm greenhouse or a corner of the kitchen, for a steady supply of fresh sprigs.

For centuries, infants provided the poliovirus a steady supply of hosts, and open sewers delivered the disease to them.

The wood therefore is constantly regenerated, yet also yields a steady supply of timber and grazing.

You had a steady supply of companies whose assets were undervalued.

He was now feeling pleasantly intoxicated from the effects of a steady supply of alcohol, which had lifted his flagging spirits.

In each case the studios were able to produce a steady supply of good, sometimes amazing, films.

A steady supply of films that audiences want to see is crucial to the continued success and growth of multiplexes.

To ensure a steady supply of corporations who could be prosecuted, other liberal reforms need to be considered.


In the meantime the steady trickle of deaths from wounds and sickness continued.

However, in recent years Conservative ministers have been irritated by a steady trickle of government defeats in the Upper House.

Tackle tips: A steady trickle of bait running into a swim will attract and keep fish feeding in one place.

A fountain of blood at first pours from his chest, but soon subsides to become a steady trickle .

It was wet, with a steady trickle of water in its base.

The steady trickle of blood from the corner of his mouth was dripping from his chin on to his coat front.


He appears to have given up steady work .

I wish he had taken up some steady work .

Having no steady work means Texas has little money for such luxuries, anyway.

Sethe was laughing; he had a promise of steady work , 124 was cleared up from spirits.

They paid paltry wages to jazz musicians but gave them steady work and much freedom over what they played.

The United States has traditionally offered the poor relatively easy access to the middle class if they can find steady work .


(as) solid/steady as a rock

It was as solid as rock .

It was simply not admissible that something as blatantly solid as a rock could have come from the heavens.

Peter was as steady as a rock , keeping the ball on the fairway and hitting nearly every green in regulation.

Skipper Alan Kernaghan again led by example, with Nicky Mohan solid as a rock alongside him.

The door was solid as rock .


steady rain

A steady stream of refugees arrived at the camp.

Chen maintained a steady pace throughout the race.

Economists say they expect continued steady growth throughout the year.

Hold the ladder steady .

It's important to keep the temperature of the oven at a steady high heat.

Larger families were being rehoused at a steady rate.

Marisol has made steady progress this year.

She held on to hand rails to keep herself steady .

the steady destruction of the forests

The study also notes a steady decline in the number of college students taking science courses.

We drove all day at a steady 65 miles an hour.

We need a steady platform above the waves before we can start drilling.


A steady stream of planks and tarpaper and logs was thumping the tree, pushing it farther over.

Fong thought of the back room, warm with the steady breaths of Soo and the children.

Hadn't they all agreed to keep to a nice, steady speed after the immediate getaway?

His breaths got steadier, quieter.

It starts at zero and eventually the galaxies are moving apart at a steady speed.

Television has contributed to the steady decline of solemnity in the courtroom.

The United States has traditionally offered the poor relatively easy access to the middle class if they can find steady work.

They coped well with steady rain making me question the need for overtrousers in milder seasons.

II. verb




C: Steady on , this is a public meeting.



Tamar took a deep breath to steady her nerves before she replied.

Taking a deep breath to steady herself, Peach slid through the french windows from the terrace.

A few deep breaths to steady his racing pulse, and he was ready.

Claudia drew a deep breath and tried to steady her nerves.


The Hare-woman's hands steadied the gun and she started to lift it, taking aim.

She stumbled and he put out his hand to steady her.

She gripped his hand to steady herself and felt the strong bones.

Using his hands to steady himself, he managed to free his leg from the sucking morass.

She knew Ember's hand would steady her elbow before it did.


It seemed to her that her mind was like an overfilled glass which only she could hold steady .



Could my fondness have kept you steady I should not now appear before you in this solemn manner.

Phalen, at the University of San Diego, said she hopes to keep admissions steady .

The two of us have a planet to ourselves. 9 I kept my voice steady .


She tried to hold it steady .

He pushed himself to his feet and tried to steady himself.

He slipped on the stairs and smashed a glass panel as he tried to steady himself.

He was killing time before his appointment, trying to steady his nerve.

Now he held her, his plump hands with fingers like sausages trying to steady her.


(as) solid/steady as a rock

It was as solid as rock .

It was simply not admissible that something as blatantly solid as a rock could have come from the heavens.

Peter was as steady as a rock , keeping the ball on the fairway and hitting nearly every green in regulation.

Skipper Alan Kernaghan again led by example, with Nicky Mohan solid as a rock alongside him.

The door was solid as rock .

ready, steady, go!


He stood up, holding on to the desk to steady himself.

When she looked as though she was going to fall, Eddie's arm immediately went out to steady her.

When the plane had steadied, Nancy went back to her seat.


He steadied himself self-consciously, waving aside any further help.

He held the boy's shoulders to steady him and Ben, startled and breathless, looked up into his face.

He pushed himself to his feet and tried to steady himself.

Once when they went round a corner she swayed against him and caught his arm to steady herself.

She clutched the rail to steady herself, reached the deck and went to the closed doors of the lounge.

The spectacle that confronted him was so overwhelming that he all but stumbled in alarm before the policeman caught and steadied him.

III. adverb




Maybe they don't talk about going steady any more, he thought.

Tell her you needed time with the idea of going steady , and you need time with this.


After long years of layoffs, steel employment is now holding steady , and output is up.

Unemployment held steady at a low 5. 6 percent in December, Labor Department figures showed today.

In both hands he held steady a glass tumbler drained to the ice.


San Antonio outlets reported a decrease in overall funding and fewer volunteers, though food donations remained steady .

It rose by more than 70 percent among women and remained steady among men.

Some primary care doctors' incomes have gone up slightly, and the others have seen their incomes remain steady .


After long years of layoffs, steel employment is now holding steady , and output is up.

Black burn looked port and spotted his brother rowing strong and steady , his dory still full of fish.

My mind locks in: take it steady , keep cool and don't kick at the ice!

Nigel Lawson, it seemed, was neither holding the pound steady abroad nor keeping down prices at home.

Thus, slow and steady wins the race, but timing is everything.

IV. noun




Somehow, the mention of marriage has strained even the sweet pleasure we found in going steady .


To pick up the reflected signals, the cellphone has to be held steady for a few seconds, says Lubecke.

The wind and the cold made it impossible to hold steady over putts.

It is gratifying to be able to report that our membership throughout the country has held steady in this critical period.

He held that microphone steady with all his heart.

Mr Moszkowski expects those returns to hold steady for the fourth and first quarters.

The gain will be large enough, however, to hold the unemployment rate steady at 5. 6 percent.

In the past two years, the council has held tuition steady while urging colleges to moderate fee increases.

He has promised to hold defense spending steady .


It would have been everything just to keep her steady , facing that way, just to stay afloat.

I concentrated on keeping steady the three-inch-long shard of what had once been part of a large perfect oval.


Packers have found it difficult to pass on any price increases to multiples with the result that retail tickets have remained steady .

V. interjection


Steady ! Watch what you're doing.

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