Meaning of STEADY in English


adj., v., adv., int., & n.

--adj. (steadier, steadiest)

1. firmly fixed or supported or standing or balanced; not tottering, rocking, or wavering.

2 done or operating or happening in a uniform and regular manner (a steady pace; a steady increase).

3 a constant in mind or conduct; not changeable. b persistent.

4 (of a person) serious and dependable in behaviour; of industrious and temperate habits; safe; cautious.

5 regular, established (a steady girlfriend).

6 accurately directed; not faltering (a steady hand; a steady eye).

7 (of a ship) on course and upright. & intr. (-ies, -ied) make or become steady (steady the boat).

--adv. steadily (hold it steady).

--int. as a command or warning to take care.

--n. (pl. -ies) colloq. a regular boyfriend or girlfriend.

Phrases and idioms:

go steady (often foll. by with) colloq. have as a regular boyfriend or girlfriend. steady down become steady. steady-going staid; sober. steady on! a call to take care. steady state an unvarying condition, esp. in a physical process, e.g. of the universe having no beginning and no end.


steadier n. steadily adv. steadiness n.

Etymology: STEAD place, + -Y(1)

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