Meaning of STIFLE in English




a muffled/stifled scream (= made quieter, for example by putting a hand over someone’s mouth )

No one heard her muffled screams.

a strangled/stifled cry (= that stops before it is finished )

The girl gave a stifled cry of disappointment.

stifle debate (= prevent people from having a debate )

How can the party stifle debate on such an important issue?

stifled a yawn (= tried to stop yawning )

Kay shook her head and stifled a yawn .

stifle/suppress a giggle (= try to not laugh )

Britta covered her mouth to stifle a giggle.

stifling/sweltering/unbearably hot (= used about weather that is very hot and uncomfortable )

The office gets unbearably hot in summer.

the searing/stifling/sweltering/scorching etc heat (= extreme heat )

The desert is a place of scorching heat by day and bitter cold by night.




Any attempt to stifle or fetter such criticism amounts to political censorship of the most insidious and objectionable kind.

University officials adamantly deny any attempt to stifle promotion of minorities.


She loved everything about this man, and when he took her she tried to stifle the cry of pain.

Some one brusquely pulled the headscarf down over her face, stifling her cry , cutting off her vision.

We were well aware of him stifling cries of pain, but there was nothing for it but to proceed.

She bit her lower lip to stifle the cry in her throat and felt the goosepimples bristling across her skin.


As he felt Joe begin fumbling with his trousers Michael stifled an urge to slam his fist into Joe's head.

She stifled an urge to brain her son with it, and instead placed it in the sink.

Jody stifles the urge to call a time-out and berate them.

Billy stifled the urge to laugh out loud.

But such policies could not stifle all urges to freedom.


He sighs and stifles a yawn .

After feeding in the access code he sat back and stifled a yawn .

He stifled a yawn then stood up and went into the kitchen.

He apologises as he stifles another yawn and tries to look interested.



This is important because there are many interests which may try to stifle attempts to improve health care.

He is also considered to be far weaker than his half-brother and may make concessions to try to stifle dissent.

Nineteenth century tries to stifle doubts by crushing you with sheer bulk, he wrote.

She tried to stifle the insidious army of questions tentatively beginning to attack her.

She loved everything about this man, and when he took her she tried to stifle the cry of pain.

Hunt lay with his face to the floor, trying to stifle his own noise.


Maria looked away and stifled a giggle.

Martial law continues to stifle political debate in the country.

She stifled a yawn as the boss read out the sales figures.

She stifled the urge to scream.


Apparently satisfied, the man leaned back, stifling a choking, coughing fit.

Indications of tangible progress in the late 1930s were stifled by the constraints of war.

One wonders whether that overt gesture really was meant to stifle covert action.

Outside the wintry sunlight had been stifled by cloud and Blanche saw pedestrians begin to walk past with glistening umbrellas.

She leapt to her feet with a cry which was instantly stifled by a mouthful of insects.

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