Meaning of STIFLE in English


/ ˈstaɪfl; NAmE / verb


[ vn ] to prevent sth from happening; to prevent a feeling from being expressed

SYN suppress :

She managed to stifle a yawn.

They hope the new rules will not stifle creativity.

The government failed to stifle the unrest.


to feel unable to breathe, or to make sb unable to breathe, because it is too hot and/or there is no fresh air

SYN suffocate :

[ v ]

I felt I was stifling in the airless room.

[ vn ]

Most of the victims were stifled by the fumes.

►  stif·ling / ˈstaɪflɪŋ; NAmE / adjective :

a stifling room

' It's stifling in here—can we open a window?'

At 25, she found family life stifling.

►  stif·ling·ly adverb :

The room was stiflingly hot.



late Middle English : perhaps from a frequentative of Old French estouffer smother, stifle.

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