Meaning of STIFLE in English


vi to die by reason of obstruction of the breath, or because some noxious substance prevents respiration.

2. stifle ·vt to suppress the manifestation or report of; to smother; to conceal from public knowledge; as, to stifle a story; to stifle passion.

3. stifle ·vt to stop; to extinguish; to deaden; to quench; as, to stifle the breath; to stifle a fire or flame.

4. stifle ·noun the joint next above the hock, and near the flank, in the hind leg of the horse and allied animals; the joint corresponding to the knee in man;

— called also stifle joint. ·see ·illust. under horse.

5. stifle ·vt to stop the breath of by crowding something into the windpipe, or introducing an irrespirable substance into the lungs; to choke; to suffocate; to cause the death of by such means; as, to stifle one with smoke or dust.

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