Meaning of SWAMP in English

I. noun


But witnesses in a nearby aircraft said the plane flew directly into the swamp .

On the walls are framed prints of herons and egrets in cypress swamps and watery glades.

Tax revenues allocated for education disappeared into a swamp of corruption.

The ceaseless deluge had turned the small front yard of the cottage into a swamp .

The following day we flew into the swamps in a six-seater plane.

The middle of United's notorious pitch was a swamp long before kick-off, posing the threat of stamina-sapping conditions.

With its loss of flow, the river's old mouth had silted up, thus forming the lagoon and swamp .

II. verb


About 3000 years ago a tidal wave swamped the coastal lowlands of Greece, causing massive destruction.

The dam burst, swamping the valley and hundreds of homes.

The river jumped its banks and swamped hundreds of homes.

Water the young plants well, but don't swamp them.


A kid would challenge me and fear would rise inside my stomach like fog on the Bay and swamp me.

It crushes our potentialities and invades our lives with its imported products and televised movies that swamp the airwaves.

Now the fixes will get fewer; and sheer traffic growth will soon swamp any gains.

Still, the aspect of that news which affected himself was uppermost in his mind, threatening to swamp such minor worries.

Tension choked them: they could feel it rising up their throats, threatening to swamp their brains.

There are extra shopping centres and the Lady Godiva statue now has a marquee-like canopy swamping it.

They swamped me with their cameras, tape recorders and notebooks.

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