Meaning of SWAMP in English

/ swɒmp; NAmE swɑːmp/ noun , verb

■ noun

[ C , U ] an area of ground that is very wet or covered with water and in which plants, trees, etc. are growing

SYN marsh :

tropical swamps

►  swampy adjective :

swampy ground

■ verb [ vn ] [ often passive ]


~ sb/sth (with sth) to make sb have more of sth than they can deal with

SYN inundate :

The department was swamped with job applications.

In summer visitors swamp the island.


to fill or cover sth with a lot of water

SYN engulf :

The little boat was swamped by the waves.



early 17th cent.: probably ultimately from a Germanic base meaning sponge or fungus.

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