Meaning of SWELL in English


I. verb


swell with pride (= start to feel very proud )

He would swell with pride as he discussed his department’s achievements.


The money from the exhibition should swell the hospital’s coffers a little.

swollen/high (= containing more water than usual )

After the rains, the river was swollen.

The river was high and running quite swiftly.




Josie's hand slipped on the grater and a bright bead of blood swelled out of her forefinger.

The land seascape had an abandoned quality and a largeness that made the heart swell out to fill it.

Different kinds of reactions start, and the star swells out to become a Red Giant, as Betelgeux is today.

Gradually the balloon swelled out and rose into the air, until finally the basket just touched the ground.


I was a big guy in those days and my legs swelled up .

Then we saw the alligator swell up .

Its bite produces a worm which swells up the blood vessels, causing ulcers and, in the worst cases, blindness.

If a blood vessel in your leg were to rupture, the leg would just swell up .

She says she didn't notice at first but her arm began to swell up later.

A friend of mine got stung by a bee and swelled up and died.

My oldest daughter, poor girl, swelled up like an elephant.

There were flies now-a low droning buzz that swelled up from somewhere deep inside the village.



Her lips were swollen against her pale face and the sight of her distress seemed to infuriate him more.

His lip was swollen , his face discolored.


The price on the Roses' heads seems to swell almost daily.

The right side of her body is badly bruised and her head and eye are swollen .


Her heart seemed to swell in her chest - she could not get her breath!

The land seascape had an abandoned quality and a largeness that made the heart swell out to fill it.

Very occasionally my heart swells at the rounded figure of the 8 inside my jeans.

When she saw that the new bride was Snow White, her evil heart swelled with passion and burst.

His heart swelled at the very look of her; he was thrilled to see her eating like a stevedore.


Sometimes, with the parasitic cases, elephantiasis had set in, and the swollen legs were particularly horrible.

Her head was swirling, her mind was racing, her ankle was swelling and her left leg was numb.

Usually less serious, but just as annoying, are swollen ankles and leg cramps that can strike.

Flights in close quarters can also lead to back pain, swollen ankles, leg cramps and psychological distress.


I had bruises and a swollen lip .


Higher insurance costs will make it harder to afford coverage, swelling the numbers of uninsured.

But despite the attraction of Page 3 girls handing out t-shirts, only 9 fans joined in to swell the numbers .

It ended in the 1930s when another depression swelled the numbers of itinerant workers.


The youthful immigrants who swelled the population were attracted not only from the Vale of York but from far beyond.


So fierce was the rain that it swelled the river until its banks burst and the fields were flooded.

It was said that the rains had swollen a river to a point where it was threatening a bridge on the line.

Water drained off fields throughout the day, swelling rivers .


have a swollen head/be swollen-headed


Put some ice on your knee before it swells up.

The doors always swell in the winter.

The river was swelling rapidly with the constant rain.


I was a big guy in those days and my legs swelled up.

If it is physically restrained from swelling when it wants to swell, very considerable pressures are built up.

It is a star in serious trouble, with bright bloated lobes of gas swelling off it, announcing its death throes.

Opposite were the elegant backs of Victorian houses, their grey bricks swelling into bow-windows, the roof-tiles glistening like wet flint.

When the granulomas infiltrate the root of the lungs, nearby lymph nodes swell and produce the X-ray abnormality your doctor saw.

II. noun




A heavy swell came at them out of the thick darkness.

The timing in the heavy swell had to be carefully judged.

A heavy ground swell was encountered off Tiumpan Head.


the swell of her breasts

The scandal has produced swells of protest against him.


A heavy swell came at them out of the thick darkness.

A strong north-westerly wind built up a fifteen-foot swell which came rolling down on us, crests breaking.

One such dawn breaks at Ocean Beach and the swell is up.

The swell had built steadily over the past half-hour.

The eternal westerly swell rolled lazily across our wake and wiped out the last trace of our intrusion.

The launch, however, behaved like a well-trained work-horse and merely rose and fell with the swell .

III. adjective


But Dobler said he really was a swell guy.

By noon, the swell at the Bay had built to eighteen to twenty feet.

If you can avoid heroin addiction and motorcycle accidents, you might have a swell time.

It was a swell place to raise onions.

The ground dipped between two minor cliffs, and the architect must have figured they would make swell windbreaks.

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