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The modern conservation movement began with the schemes to save ancient temples threatened by the Aswan dam.

I knew that many people were reviving the practice of pilgrimages by traveling to power places and ancient temples in many countries.

It may be possible to analyse the plans of the other ancient Cretan temples in the same way.

The romantic backdrop of mist-shrouded mountains and ancient temples in the southeast town of Kyongju only highlighted the strain between the two.

The cell is said to be the remains of an ancient Carthaginian temple .


The local Buddhist temple donated the land on which the ground is being built.

In the compound centre stands a model of a Buddhist temple and a prayer bed.

Six towns, 123 villages, 14 Buddhist temples , more than 20 schools and a prison will go under the water.

On the night of 30 May 1871 burglars broke into a Buddhist temple in Kagalla district.

In the gardens of a Buddhist temple somewhere in the Far East sat a contented looking rhesus monkey.


Lewis has interpreted these as classical temples , but not enough has survived to prove this suggestion.

In Classical times the temple did not actually cover over the chasm of mists but surrounded it.

The Planetarium was built in 1929 in the style of a classical temple .

The dome is supported on four columns which have Ionic capitals taken from a classical temple which earlier stood upon the site.


This Doric temple was created in the Peloponnese in the middle or later seventh century.


On these rest great palaces, temples and storehouses forming an intricate network of canals.

It is true we no longer live in the cultures that produced the great temples or stone circles or earthworks.

In the great temple of Osiris at Abydos the tangible sense of sanctity has often been noted.

Man builds great temples , the jungle reclaims the land.

It seemed to him that the spirit of these scriptures was still manifest in the great temples of the South.

They must build her a great temple near the town and so win back the favor of her heart.

Even the great temple spa at Bath was suffering decay by the mid fourth century, due to the rising water level.

The great temple was at Eleusis, a little town near Athens, and the worship was called the Eleusinian Mysteries.


Effigy of the Seven-headed Cobra in a Hindu temple .

Obviously, therefore, untouchables should not enter a Hindu temple .

One important focal point is their Hindu temple .

Once a year worshippers gather at Hindu temples to celebrate the birthday of Murugan, son of the goddess Parvathi.

His fundamentalist outlook led him to destroy Hindu temples across the empire.

A chemist, estate agent and travel agent in Bradford were attacked with petrol bombs and three Hindu temples set on fire.


The first church here is believed to have been built in the fifth-century on the site of a pagan temple to Apollo.

From 326 onwards pagan temples began to suffer the gradual loss of old endowments.


Most Roman temples are in the Corinthian order, a few Ionic but rarely Doric.

Only slowly was the Roman temple form adopted of an entrance façade and a podium base.


The main courtyard is a jumble of shrines and small temples .

Raju had already gone home, so Koju, Bhairon and I camped by a small white temple .

It is evident from the Gallic and Rhenish religious sites that some were very large and comprised many shrines and small temples .

His government argued that the small temples which it had demolished were on land belonging to the state tourist department.

On the fish pond side, be sure to look for the small Neo-Classical temple , the work of Luigi Cagnola.

From a single small temple opened in 1976, it now operates in 33 zones.



They built a temple in a side-street to house their Holy Books and to dispense hospitality.

Man builds great temples , the jungle reclaims the land.

In this case the coin artist was presumably commemorating the decision to build the temple .

This collection of materials for the building of the temple thus becomes an acceptable free-will offering because it is acknowledged as gift.

He builds his own temple and they come from all over the world to hear him speak.

They must build her a great temple near the town and so win back the favor of her heart.

The building of temples signifies a religion in which the Gods have begun to separate from the land.

While the Saints built their first temple , neighbors made life miserable and the Mormons neared bankruptcy.


Our morning had been devoted to running errands and visiting the obligatory temples .

We painted by lakes and volcanoes; we watched ceremonies and festivals; we visited artisans and temples .


As the temples of the goddesses were destroyed Lilith the Levia an languished forlornly on her ocean bed.

If this was baseball, the next hitter would have gotten a fastball to the temple .

Its a native temple of sorts, I suppose, Monsieur Joseph.

The effort exhausted him although he could not comfortably lie still and his temples tightened.

There was even revelation in this temple of nature.

They had been to so many temples and doused themselves with so much holy water, their souls were transparent.

Top: the International check out a temple .

Within the solid walls of temple compounds in Kyoto or Nara, Charles began to relax.

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