Meaning of WING in English


I. noun


a bird flaps its wings (= it moves its wings up and down )

The baby birds were trying to flap their wings.

a winged insect literary:

Swallows swooped to snatch winged insects from the sky.

chicken breast/thigh/wing

Chop the chicken breast into pieces.

wing chair

wing collar

wing commander

wing mirror

a wing mirror

wing mirror

wing nut




It is as much a product of the struggle for existence as are the black wings of the peppered moth.

Athelstan felt he was looking at a man already under the shadow of Death's soft, black wing .

Have you ever noticed that a lot of butterflies have the colour black on their wings ?

No black on wings and no long trailing legs distinguish them from all other large white birds in flight.

There were, no doubt, hundreds of moths with brand new genes for black wings in nineteenth-century Manchester.

Bateleur Eagles are unusual in having dimorphic plumage, the female displays grey secondary feathers whilst males have entirely black wings .

Smaller and shorter-tailed than Woodpigeon, with no white patches, but has black wing-tips and two short black bars on wing.

Almost a big as an oystercatcher, it is all white with black on the wings and back.


In fact, some party stalwarts, particularly those from the religious conservative wing begged him to seek the nomination.

He recalled watching the Democrats rebuff their own conservative wing until they lost their majority.


With great rounded wings , spectacularly patterned pale and dark beneath, they circled effortlessly.

With a sari Psepha unfolded his great wings and launched himself from his tree.

It was a truly terrible storm, stronger than her great wings , stronger than anything.


He turned to the left wing and announced Gabriel Marcel.

One, Ram Singh Rathor, was controlling the left wing .

Caught him on the rise just under the left wing at quarters.

Taylor's plan backfired from the moment Flo switched to the left wing and took Pallister with him.

To his left wing he could see the great blackness of the Park, lit only occasionally by murky yellow lights.

To his left wing he made out a line of higher hills and headed for it.

It flipped and spun a number of times, fuel spilling out of the damaged left wing - the aircraft was doomed.


And it converted many more economists to the liberal , anti-interventionist wing of their trade.

Of all the federal departments, Treasury is not one where we have learned to find the liberal wing of our presidencies.

Mr Massow said the controversy had pitted the Tory leader, William Hague, against his own party's liberal wing .

His departure was widely portrayed as a defeat for the liberal wing of the party.

Zwygart, a teacher and a member of parliament, was described as being on the party's liberal wing .


His immediate response was to arrest 150 people for suspected links with Hamas's military wing , Izzadin el-Qassam.

The Blue Angels, the military adverts with wings and roof-skimming stunt pilots.

His critics say he should not sit in government with a party whose military wing holds on to illegal weapons.

Was he talking to political leaders who no longer or never could control the military wing ?


The deal was correctly seen as an attempt to clip the political wings of smaller parties and of President Havel.

We are the political wing of the Liberal Party.

There was anger and immediate condemnation from all parties save Euskal Herritarok, perceived as the separatist group's political wing .

And Greenness can be seen as the political wing of the New Age.

A different section of the resistance consisted of the political wing led by ex-President BeneÜ.

The Tigers have had a political wing since 1976 but never registered it as a legal party.


Left wing to right wing-try.

That you know it is right wing agenda.

Tony Underwood moves from the right wing to deputise for his brother.

A mad scramble followed a Dollar free throw, and Hamilton eventually grabbed the ball on the right wing .

The republican state was undermined by the right wing counter reforms which eased the road to violence.

First and foremost, our fear that the right wing would have veto power over appointments to the Supreme Court.

Eisenhower made it public for domestic political reasons, to appease the right wing of the Republican Party.


Both sexes show white wing patches in flight, looking rather like small Goldeneye.

He was in white ducks, brown and white wing tips, and a yellow silk sport shirt.

The tumbling pigeons rose up and tumbled down, their white wings bright in the sunlight.

He was right there in front of me, white wings and a blue robe with gold buttons.

Immature distinguishable from other immature skuas by small size, smaller bill and much less white in wings .

One of the largest land birds of the region, showing much white on black-tipped wings in flight.

The main thrust of the President's speech was an effort to appease the white right wing .

Female and juvenile have no distinctive features, differing from Calandra and White-winged Larks in lack of white in wing .



She knocked and opened the door and saw Patrick asleep in his wing chair .

He would be reading, and she would be sitting across from him in a wing chair .

One large wing chair in an attractive pale pink fabric blends perfectly with the dual colour scheme.

The big leather wing chair that usually faced the doorway in the library was turned around.

Louella removed her apron and sat on the vanity bench, as they took their accustomed places in the wing chairs .

The two red leather wing chairs were drawn up to the fireplace, facing it.

Barnabas leapt from the sofa and dashed after the biscuit that had skidded under a wing chair .


But modern wing collars , frankly, don't work.

If you insist on wearing a made-up tie, wear a shirt with a turned-down collar , not a wing collar.


This time it was an inspector I who had come looking for the wing commander , his sergeant and his constable.

Two wing commanders in a row had been fired, and things were getting progressively worse.


These stones were removed when this monument was demolished and built in steps in the east wing of the villa.

In the plans, the east wing next to SuperTarget carried a sign with the Gordmans logo.

In the east wing of the hospital there was a linen store that was never used after about nine-thirty in the morning.

She was found by the caretaker, whimpering and exhausted on the ground floor of the east wing .

Somewhere behind the east wing of the castle glass shattered.

Olive steadfastly refused to move from the Hall, retreating gradually into the east wing as the rest deteriorated.

In re-planning the east wing galleries, built in 1928-32, great efforts have been made to respect their dignified classical architecture.


Hedges rose to either side and the Cadillac's wing mirrors clipped against them.

Bill was leaning on his cab, spitting at the wing mirror and half-heartedly polishing it with his sleeve.

All the controls are easy to use, although adjusting the wing mirrors took a bit of working out.

I could see in the wing mirror that my arrival had provoked some interest.

Mobuto recoiled in horror, stumbling back painfully into the Studebaker's wing mirror .

As the Ford charged after the Mercedes, Dunn saw in his wing mirror a spurt of tracer fire.

The fork-lift truck was not fitted with either wing mirrors or a speedometer.

They came down on the coach from Manchester and were delayed for an hour by a missing wing mirror .


It stretched away into the darkness towards the empty north wing .

The north wing with its range of rooms has more the appearance of a hostelry than a house.

By day she remained behind locked doors in the room near the north wing which her two sons had shared.


After all, what's a wing tip and a Continent between friends?

Wings must include the entire wing with skin and muscle intact, but the wing tip may be removed. 4.

New fibreglass wing tips and dorsal fin additions were attached.

He was in white ducks, brown and white wing tips , and a yellow silk sport shirt.

Remove the wing tips and reserve with the neck and gizzard for a stock.

Her leg is broken, and the wing tip ! but not badly.



Parties aren't the same with parents there - they do clip one's wings somewhat.

State Department shutdowns have clipped the wings of travelers.

The deal was correctly seen as an attempt to clip the political wings of smaller parties and of President Havel.

I just clipped his wings a little, that's all.

It will clip her wings , but it won't clip Liam's, and that's where the resentment will start.


The wowhawk flapped its wings desperately. ` Let go!

A pair of night birds circled above, the flapping of their wings and their eerie screeches penetrating the thickening mist.

However, the equation assumes stationary rather than flapping wings , making its use in this case misleading.

A single bat was created and given leeway to automatically flap its wings .

To flap their wings they will need more than 1,000 square centimetres.

He looked as if he were about to flap his wings and strike.

When he looked around, the wowhawk on her shoulder flapped its wings in his face.


She must be allowed to spread her wings and open up.

They just spread their wings and take off.

Diana was eager to spread her wings and start her own life in London.

Others are like birds in a greenhouse: banging against the glass, desperate to spread their wings .

Later, I take off my watch to let it spread its wings .

Then it spreads its wings and flies away, ready for its first meal of nectar!

On its way down, the bundle unfolded, spreading wings left and right.

The falcon spreads flightless wings and stalks among months of droppings.


He stopped by on his night off, was let in the stage door, and stood in the wings .

The village church is gone, the orphanage is still standing , though one wing of it has been gutted by fire.

Ensign Erik Neal, stands on the bridge wing and talks to the helmsman on a microphone.

Several nights before, Stephen Foster had shown up to stand in the wings and watch the play.

Janeth Arcain was standing on the right wing , watching, waiting, figuring Cooper was going to make a play.


None the less, there are always people waiting in the wings to discredit a positive image.

The world's list of mammals is about five thousand long, but three thousand more may be waiting in the wings .

Hundreds of similar cases waited in the wings .

Platt has had to wait in the wings because he is one of four foreign players fighting for the permitted three places.

The local chapter leaders waiting in the wings seemed upset.

Shortstop Jose Vizcaino is a free agent, and if his price is too high Rich Aurilia is waiting in the wings .

There were no wealthy aunts or uncles waiting in the wings .


be waiting in the wings

Young, a talented quarterback, was waiting in the wings for the day when Montana couldn't play.

A new comedy wave, I suppose, is waiting in the wings.

If so, the Democrats would be waiting in the wings.

Shortstop Jose Vizcaino is a free agent, and if his price is too high Rich Aurilia is waiting in the wings.

The world's list of mammals is about five thousand long, but three thousand more may be waiting in the wings.

clip sb's wings

The economic troubles could clip the wings of entrepreneurs starting small businesses.

spread your wings

Recently she's begun spreading her wings, taking courses in real estate.

Diana was eager to spread her wings and start her own life in London.

Her dad wanted her to spread her wings a little - not too much mind.

Later, I take off my watch to let it spread its wings.

Others are like birds in a greenhouse: banging against the glass, desperate to spread their wings.

She must be allowed to spread her wings and open up.

The dragon spread its wings and gave an experimental flap, which lifted it momentarily off the ground.

Then it spreads its wings and flies away, ready for its first meal of nectar!

They just spread their wings and take off.


a new children's wing at the hospital

butterfly wings

The racist right wing staged their biggest demonstration yet in the main square.

the south wing of the Capitol

The Tamil Tigers have had a political wing since 1976, but never registered it as a legal party.

They were members of the Marxist wing of the Socialist Party.


A process or an abstraction has to be caught on the wing .

A set of wings was also introduced, said to have been designed by Jock Lewes.

He had wings on his feet he ran so fast.

Several times from wing to a desk at center stage he glanced out at the audience to acknowledge the applause.

Some of these have wings and fly away to start new colonies of aphids on other plants.

The feather'd fowls have wings, to fly to other nations.

The stair-well in this wing indicates an upper storey which presumably would have been much on the same plan.

We grilled things for them and fried wings.

II. verb




If it slips then, as it probably will, the Hingston fortune will wing its way elsewhere.

Small but dangerously exciting trickles of pleasure were still winging their way through her virtually defenceless body.

His resignation was winging its way to Sheppards yesterday afternoon.

Readers' original gardening tips Another batch of £50 cash prizes are winging their way to this month's top tipsters.

Photographs had winged their way across, and presents at Christmas and Easter, with Mammy's birthday a speciality.

Within seventy minutes each plane has been unloaded, reloaded and winging its way to destination cities.


We watched pelicans winging down the coastline.


Really, I just wing it: no notes, no talking to witnesses.

She sent a silent message winging to the small room at the Admiralty.

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