Meaning of WING in English


[wing] n, often attrib [ME winge, of Scand origin; akin to Dan & Sw vinge wing; akin to Skt vati it blows--more at wind] (13c) 1 a: one of the movable feathered or membranous paired appendages by means of which a bird, bat, or insect is able to fly; also: such an appendage even though rudimentary if possessed by an animal belonging to a group characterized by the power of flight b: any of various anatomical structures esp. of a flying fish or flying lemur providing means of limited flight

2: an appendage or part resembling a wing in appearance, position, or function: as a: a device worn under the arms to aid a person in swimming or staying afloat b: ala c: a turned-back or extended edge on an article of clothing d: a sidepiece at the top of an armchair e (1): a foliaceous, membranous, or woody expansion of a plant esp. along a stem or on a samara or capsule (2): either of the two lateral petals of a papilionaceous flower f: a vane of a windmill or arrow g: sail h: an airfoil that develops a major part of the lift which supports a heavier-than-air aircraft i chiefly Brit: fender d

3: a means of flight or rapid progress

4: the act or manner of flying: flight

5: a side or outlying region or district

6: a part or feature usu. projecting from and subordinate to the main or central part "the servants' ~ of the mansion"

7. a: one of the pieces of scenery at the side of a stage b pl: the area at the side of the stage out of sight

8. a: a left or right section of an army or fleet: flank b: one of the offensive positions or players on either side of a center position in certain team sports; also: flanker

9. a: either of two opposing groups within an organization or society: faction b: a section of an organized body (as a legislative chamber) representing a group or faction holding distinct opinions or policies--compare left wing, right wing

10. a: a unit of the U.S. Air Force higher than a group and lower than a division b: two or more squadrons of naval airplanes 11: a dance step marked by a quick outward and inward rolling glide of one foot 12 pl: insignia consisting of an outspread pair of stylized bird's wings which are awarded on completion of prescribed training to a qualified pilot, aircrew member, or military balloon pilot -- wingy adj -- in the wings 1: out of sight in the stage wings

2: close at hand in the background: readily available "had a plan waiting in the wings" -- on the wing 1: in flight: flying

2: in motion -- under one's wing : under one's protection: in one's care

[2]wing vt (1591) 1 a: to fit with wings b: to enable to fly or move swiftly

2. a: to traverse with or as if with wings b: to effect or achieve by flying

3: to let fly: dispatch "would start to ~ punches --A. J. Liebling"

4. a: to wound in the wing: disable the wing of "~ed the duck" b: to wound (as with a bullet) without killing "~ed by a sniper"

5: to do or perform without preparation or guidelines: improvise "~ing it" ~ vi: to go with or as if with wings: fly

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