Meaning of CAMPAIGN in English


I. cam ‧ paign 1 S2 W1 /kæmˈpeɪn/ BrE AmE noun [countable]

[ Date: 1600-1700 ; Language: French ; Origin: campagne , from Italian campagna 'level country, campaign' , from Late Latin campania 'level country' , from Latin campus ( ⇨ ↑ camp 1 ); because soldiers went out into the country for military exercises ]

1 . a series of actions intended to achieve a particular result relating to politics or business, or a social improvement:

an advertising campaign

campaign for/against

a campaign for equal rights

Jones ran a good campaign.

Police have launched a campaign to crack down on drug dealers.

2 . a series of battles, attacks etc intended to achieve a particular result in a war

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■ verbs

▪ launch/mount a campaign (=begin a campaign)

They have launched a campaign to end world poverty.

▪ run/wage/conduct a campaign (=carry out a campaign)

He ran an aggressive campaign.

▪ lead a campaign

The government is leading a 'walk to school' campaign.

▪ spearhead a campaign (=lead it – used especially in news reports)

The campaign was spearheaded by the Students' Union.

■ ADJECTIVES/NOUN + campaign

▪ a national/nationwide campaign

The walk was part of a national campaign to raise £900,000.

▪ a worldwide/global/international campaign

a worldwide campaign for peace

▪ an advertising/marketing/sales campaign

The store ran a television advertising campaign just before Christmas.

▪ a publicity campaign (=to tell the public about something)

The interview was the start of a publicity campaign for his new book.

▪ an election/electoral campaign

He was candidate in the 2008 election campaign.

▪ a presidential campaign

Obama's presidential campaign

▪ a political campaign

She was involved in many political campaigns.

▪ a media/press campaign

The government spent thousands of pounds on a media campaign.

▪ a fundraising campaign (=to get money for something)

The church is launching a £50,000 fundraising campaign for the renovation work.

▪ an anti-smoking/anti-bullying etc campaign

How effective has the anti-smoking campaign been?

▪ a smear campaign (=in which unpleasant or untrue stories are spread about an important person)

He claims he was the victim of a smear campaign.

▪ a long campaign

Her father fought a long campaign for an investigation to be held.

▪ an effective/successful campaign

The Conservatives failed to mount an effective campaign.

▪ a strong campaign (=forceful and effective)

The car was the subject of a strong advertising campaign.

▪ a determined campaign

His wife waged a determined campaign for his release.

▪ a vicious campaign (=very unpleasant and designed to attack someone)

The state had conducted a vicious campaign of misinformation and propaganda.

▪ a deliberate/concerted campaign (=done by people in a determined way)

There was a concerted campaign to attract more women into the armed forces.

▪ an orchestrated campaign disapproving (=organized secretly to make political events happen in the way you want)

This resulted in an orchestrated campaign of civil disorder.

▪ a sustained campaign (=lasting a long time)

The organization has mounted a sustained campaign against the killing of endangered species.

■ campaign + NOUN

▪ campaign funds/money

He was found guilty of using campaign funds illegally.

▪ a campaign manager (=for a political campaign)

She's a campaign manager for Amnesty International.

▪ the campaign trail (=the places someone visits as part of their election campaign)

Iowa was the first stop on the presidential campaign trail.


► Do not say ' make a campaign '. Say launch a campaign .

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■ when people try to achieve something

▪ fight the process in which people try to stop something bad from happening or to improve a situation:

Schools have an important part to play in the fight against drugs.


women’s fight for equality

▪ battle a fight to change a situation or deal with a problem in society:

The battle against racial discrimination is not over.

▪ campaign a planned series of actions intended to achieve something:

Motoring organizations started a campaign for safer roads.

▪ struggle a long, hard fight for freedom, independence, equal rights etc:

Nkrumah led the people in their struggle for independence.

▪ crusade someone’s fight against something they think is morally wrong:

She intends to continue her crusade against sex and violence on TV.

II. campaign 2 BrE AmE verb [intransitive]

to lead or take part in a series of actions intended to achieve a particular social or political result

campaign for/against

a group campaigning against the destruction of the rain forests

—campaigner noun [countable]

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