Meaning of FIXED in English

fixed S3 W3 /fɪkst/ BrE AmE adjective

1 . [not before noun] firmly fastened to a particular position

fixed to/in/on

a mirror fixed to the bathroom wall

2 . fixed times, amounts, meanings etc cannot be changed SYN set :

The classes begin and end at fixed times.

fixed prices

My contract was for a fixed term of five years.

interest at 10%, fixed for 5 years

3 . have fixed ideas/opinions to have very definite ideas or opinions that you will not change – often used to show disapproval

have fixed ideas/opinions about/on

He has very fixed ideas about how a wife should behave.

4 . how are you fixed for something? spoken used to ask someone how much of something they have, or to ask about an arrangement:

How are you fixed for cash?

How are we fixed for Monday?

5 . a fixed smile, expression etc does not show any emotion or does not show how someone really feels

6 . be of/have no fixed abode/address British English law to not have a permanent place to live

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