Meaning of FIXED in English

adj. 1 fastened, attached, anchored, set, secure(d), firm, stable, settled, immovable, immobile, stationary, rigid, rooted, solid; immobilized, stuck While this part rolls, the other remains fixed There was a fixed smile on her face. 2 established, secure, unalterable, steadfast, set, firm, unchangeable, unchanging, persistent, unfluctuating, unflagging, unwavering, inflexible, undeviating, unflinching, unblinking, rigid, rooted, immutable, definite, resolute, resolved, determined, intent; obstinate, stubborn I admire Philip's fixed determination to persevere 3 settled, resolved, agreed, regular, habitual, decided, arranged, prearranged, definite, established We have a fixed date on which we meet each month 4 arranged, prearranged, set-up, framed; crooked, dishonest, bent, Colloq rigged, put-up He lost everything in a fixed poker game

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