Meaning of FIXED in English

— fixedly /fik"sid lee, fikst"lee/ , adv. — fixedness , n.

/fikst/ , adj.

1. fastened, attached, or placed so as to be firm and not readily movable; firmly implanted; stationary; rigid.

2. rendered stable or permanent, as color.

3. set or intent upon something; steadily directed: a fixed stare.

4. definitely and permanently placed: a fixed buoy; a fixed line of defense.

5. not fluctuating or varying; definite: a fixed purpose.

6. supplied with or having enough of something necessary or wanted, as money.

7. coming each year on the same calendar date: Christmas is a fixed holiday, but Easter is not.

8. put in order.

9. Informal. arranged in advance privately or dishonestly: a fixed horse race.

10. Chem.

a. (of an element) taken into a compound from its free state.

b. nonvolatile, or not easily volatilized: a fixed oil.

11. Math. (of a point) mapped to itself by a given function. Cf. Brouwer fixed-point theorem .

[ 1350-1400; ME; see FIX, -ED 2 ]

Syn. 3. constant, steady, unvarying, unwavering, firm.

Random House Webster's Unabridged English dictionary.      Полный английский словарь Вебстер - Random House .