Meaning of FIXED in English

ˈfikst adjective

Etymology: Middle English, from past participle of fixen to fix — more at fix


a. : securely placed or fastened

a fixed piece of wood

: not adjustable

a fixed resistor

: permanently and definitely located : stationary , immovable

there were no fixed theaters in the provinces — G.M.Trevelyan


(1) : nonvolatile

a fixed acid

fixed carbon

(2) : combined 1b, bound 6

fixed nitrogen

(3) : slowly soluble as a result of combination

fixed copper fungicides


(1) : not subject to change or fluctuation : absolute , settled , definite

revolution … could never be a fixed right — S.W.Chapman

urged the assembly to grant him a fixed salary

a fixed rate pays for transportation … and food on tours — Current Biography

(2) : held to tenaciously and often blindly or obsessively : unswerving , set

is very fixed in his ways and thought

the man of fixed ideas … is today a public danger — Nation

(3) : having a final or crystallized form or character : incapable of further development : frozen

America is not yet a fixed and settled land — Barbara Ward

the respect of the eighteenth century for fixed forms — R.B.West

animal species are fixed and it is possible to define them in static terms — H.M.Parshley

(4) : recurring on the same date from year to year

fixed feast

d. : rigid , immobile , concentrated

sat with a look of fixed attention on his face

her thick glasses gave her eyes a fixed stare — Allen Tate

2. : supplied with a definite amount of something needed or desirable : provided

how are we fixed for seamen — Argosy

especially : supplied with money : well-fixed

Webster's New International English Dictionary.      Новый международный словарь английского языка Webster.