Meaning of FUCK in English


I. fuck 1 /fʌk/ BrE AmE verb taboo spoken

[ Date: 1400-1500 ; Origin: Probably from a Scandinavian language ]

1 . fuck you/it/them etc used to show that you are very angry at something or someone, or that you do not care about them at all:

Well, fuck you then. I’ll go on my own.

2 . [intransitive and transitive] to have sex with someone

3 . fuck me especially British English used when you think something is surprising or impressive

4 . go fuck yourself/himself/themselves etc used to show you are very angry with someone:

Why don’t you go fuck yourself!

fuck around phrasal verb

1 . to waste time or behave in a silly or careless way:

Will you two stop fucking around!

2 . fuck somebody around/about British English to make someone angry or annoyed by wasting their time:

Don’t fuck me around, OK?

fuck off phrasal verb

to go away – used especially to tell someone to go away in an extremely rude way

fuck somebody ↔ over phrasal verb American English

to treat someone very badly:

They’ll just fuck you over if you let them.

fuck up phrasal verb

1 . fuck somebody ↔ up to make someone very unhappy and confused so that they cannot live normally or have normal relationships ⇨ mess somebody up :

Heroin fucks you up.

2 . to make a mistake or do something badly ⇨ mess up :

You really fucked up this time.

fuck something ↔ up

I’m scared of fucking things up.

fuck with somebody phrasal verb

to annoy someone or make them angry ⇨ mess with somebody :

I wouldn’t fuck with Alfie if I were you.

II. fuck 2 BrE AmE interjection taboo

used when you are very annoyed about something:

Fuck! I’ve forgotten my keys!

III. fuck 3 BrE AmE noun taboo spoken

1 . the fuck used when you are angry or surprised to emphasize what you are saying:

Get the fuck off my property!

Shut the fuck up!

what/how/who etc the fuck

What the fuck do you think you’re doing?

2 . [countable usually singular] the act of having sex

3 . not give a fuck ( also not give a flying fuck American English ) to not care at all what happens

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