Meaning of FUCK in English


v., int., & n. coarse sl.


1. tr. & intr. have sexual intercourse (with).

2 intr. (foll. by about, around) mess about; fool around.

3 tr. (usu. as an exclam.) curse, confound (fuck the thing!).

4 intr. (as fucking adj., adv.) used as an intensive to express annoyance etc.

--int. expressing anger or annoyance.


1. a an act of sexual intercourse. b a partner in sexual intercourse.

2 the slightest amount (don't give a fuck).

Phrases and idioms:

fuck all nothing. fuck off go away. fuck up make a mess of. fuck-up n. a mess or muddle.


A highly taboo word.


fucker n. (often as a term of abuse).

Etymology: 16th c.: orig. unkn.

Oxford English vocab.      Оксфордский английский словарь.