Meaning of FUCK in English


[fuck] vb [akin to D fokken to breed (cattle), Sw dial. fokka to copulate] vi (15c) 1: copulate--usu. considered obscene--sometimes used in the present participle as a meaningless intensive

2: mess 3--used with with--usu. considered vulgar ~ vt 1: to engage in coitus with--usu. considered obscene--sometimes used interjectionally with an object (as a personal or reflexive pronoun) to express anger, contempt, or disgust

2: to deal with unfairly or harshly: cheat, screw--usu. considered vulgar

[2]fuck n (1680) 1: an act of copulation--usu. considered obscene

2: a sexual partner--usu. considered obscene 3 a: damn 2--usu. considered vulgar b--used esp. with the as a meaningless intensive--usu. considered vulgar "what the ~ do they want from me"

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