Meaning of LIQUID in English

I. liq ‧ uid 1 W3 /ˈlɪkwəd, ˈlɪkwɪd/ BrE AmE noun

[uncountable and countable] a substance that is not a solid or a gas, for example water or milk:

Add a little more liquid to the sauce.

⇨ ↑ washing-up liquid

II. liquid 2 BrE AmE adjective

[ Date: 1300-1400 ; Language: French ; Origin: liquide , from Latin liquidus , from liquere 'to flow as a liquid' ]

1 . in the form of a liquid instead of a gas or solid:

Children take antibiotics in liquid form.

liquid soap

2 . technical easily changed into money by being sold or exchanged:

Their shares are more liquid than those of many smaller companies.

⇨ ↑ liquid assets

3 . liquid refreshment drink, especially alcoholic drink – used humorously

4 . literary clear and shiny, like water:

liquid green eyes

5 . literary liquid sounds are clear and pure

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