Meaning of LIQUID in English



Pronunciation: ' li-kw ə d

Function: adjective

Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French liquide, from Latin liquidus, from liqu ē re to be fluid; akin to Latin lixa water, lye, and perhaps to Old Irish fliuch damp

Date: 14th century

1 : flowing freely like water

2 : having the properties of a liquid : being neither solid nor gaseous

3 a : shining and clear <large liquid eyes> b : being musical and free of harshness in sound c : smooth and unconstrained in movement d : articulated without friction and capable of being prolonged like a vowel <a liquid consonant>

4 a : consisting of or capable of ready conversion into cash < liquid assets> b : capable of covering current liabilities quickly with current assets

– li · quid · i · ty \ li- ' kwi-d ə -t ē \ noun

– liq · uid · ly \ ' li-kw ə d-l ē \ adverb

– liq · uid · ness noun

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