Meaning of LIQUID in English

/ ˈlɪkwɪd; NAmE / noun , adjective

■ noun

[ U , C ] a substance that flows freely and is not a solid or a gas, for example water or oil :

She poured the dark brown liquid down the sink.

the transition from liquid to vapour

—see also washing-up liquid

■ adjective


in the form of a liquid; not a solid or a gas :

liquid soap

liquid nitrogen

The detergent comes in powder or liquid form .

a bar selling snacks and liquid refreshment (= drinks)


( finance ) that can easily be changed into cash :

liquid assets


( literary ) clear, like water

SYN limpid :

liquid blue eyes


( literary ) ( of sounds ) clear, pure and flowing :

the liquid song of a blackbird



late Middle English : from Latin liquidus , from liquere be liquid.

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