Meaning of QUALITY in English


I. qual ‧ i ‧ ty 1 S1 W1 /ˈkwɒləti, ˈkwɒlɪti $ ˈkwɑː-/ BrE AmE noun ( plural qualities )

[ Date: 1200-1300 ; Language: Old French ; Origin: qualité , from Latin qualitas , from qualis 'of what kind' ]

1 . [uncountable and countable] how good or bad something is:

Much of the land was of poor quality.

Use only high quality ingredients.

quality of

The quality of the water is reasonably good.

2 . [countable usually plural] something that people may have as part of their character, for example courage or intelligence ⇨ characteristic :

He shows strong leadership qualities.

the personal qualities necessary to be a successful salesman

quality of

the qualities of honesty and independence

3 . [countable] something that is typical of one thing and makes it different from other things, for example size, colour etc:

the drug’s addictive quality

quality of

the physical and chemical qualities of the rock

4 . [uncountable] a high standard:

his pride in the quality of his craftsmanship

wines of quality

5 . quality of life how good or bad your life is, shown for example by whether or not you are happy, healthy, able to do what you want etc:

drugs that improve the quality of life for very ill patients

• • •



▪ good/high

I was impressed that the quality of their work was so high.

▪ poor/low

The magazine is printed on low quality paper.

▪ excellent/outstanding

The T-shirts are only $10 and the quality is excellent.

▪ superior formal (=good or better quality)

These speakers offer superior quality sound.

▪ top quality

Our chef uses only top quality ingredients.

▪ water/air quality

Scientists took samples to test the water quality.

▪ sound quality

I apologise for the poor sound quality of this recording.

▪ picture quality ( also image quality )

Does this type of TV set have a better picture quality?

■ verbs

▪ improve/enhance the quality

The measures will improve the quality of the water in the river.

▪ affect the quality

Lack of sleep started to affect the quality of his work.

▪ test/check/monitor the quality

The equipment is used to monitor the city’s air quality.

▪ maintain the quality

Staffing problems made it difficult to maintain the quality of the service.

▪ the quality goes up/down

I think the quality has gone down over the years.

▪ the quality suffers (=it is badly affected by something)

The picture quality suffers if the signal isn’t digital.

■ quality + NOUN

▪ quality standards

Greater investment is needed to meet the European Union’s strict quality standards.


► Do not say ' living quality ' or ' life quality '. Say quality of life .

• • •


▪ characteristic something that is typical of someone or something and makes them easy to recognize:

He had several characteristics which made him different to the rest of his family.


the physical characteristics of the brain


He studied the special characteristics of adult speech addressed to children.

▪ quality a characteristic of a person, especially a good one such as kindness or intelligence:

Tina has a lot of good qualities.


I’m not sure about his leadership qualities.


Obedience is a quality that my father admires.

▪ feature an important or interesting characteristic of something:

it seems to be a feature of modern society that we tend to judge ourselves by our work above everything else.


A curious feature of the novel is the absence of women.


The building still has many of its original features.

▪ property [usually plural] technical a characteristic of a substance or object, for example hardness or elasticity, or how it behaves - used especially in scientific contexts:

We examined the physical properties of various metals.


changes in the electrical properties of cells


Some plants have healing properties.

▪ attribute formal a good or useful characteristic:

I suspected I probably did not quite possess all the attributes required to succeed at the highest level.


All living things are able to reproduce their kind, an attribute which no machine possesses..

▪ good/bad points good or bad characteristics – used when someone or something has both good and bad characteristics:

The seller will obviously emphasize the car’s good points.


Draw up a list of your partner’s good and bad points.

II. quality 2 BrE AmE adjective [only before noun]

1 . [no comparative] very good – used especially by people who are trying to sell something:

quality child-care at prices people can afford

quality double glazing

2 . quality newspapers/press etc British English newspapers etc intended for educated readers

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