Meaning of QUALITY in English


/ ˈkwɒləti; NAmE ˈkwɑːl-/ noun , adjective

■ noun ( pl. -ies )


[ U , C ] the standard of sth when it is compared to other things like it; how good or bad sth is :

to be of good / poor / top quality

goods of a high quality

high-quality goods

a decline in water quality

When costs are cut product quality suffers.

Their quality of life improved dramatically when they moved to France.


[ U ] a high standard

SYN excellence :

contemporary writers of quality

We aim to provide quality at reasonable prices.


[ C ] a thing that is part of a person's character, especially sth good :

personal qualities such as honesty and generosity

to have leadership qualities


[ C , U ] a feature of sth, especially one that makes it different from sth else :

the special quality of light and shade in her paintings


[ C ] ( BrE ) = quality newspaper

■ adjective


[ only before noun ] used especially by people trying to sell goods or services to say that sth is of a high quality :

We specialize in quality furniture.

quality service at a competitive price


( BrE , slang ) very good :

'What was the film like?' 'Quality!'



Middle English (in the senses character, disposition and particular property or feature ): from Old French qualite , from Latin qualitas (translating Greek poiotēs ), from qualis of what kind, of such a kind.

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