Meaning of DRAIN in English

I. verb see: dry Date: before 12th century transitive verb filter , 2. to draw off (liquid) gradually or completely , to cause the gradual disappearance of , to exhaust physically or emotionally , 3. to make gradually dry , to carry away the surface water of , to deplete or empty by or as if by drawing off by degrees or in increments , to empty by drinking the contents of , drop 7c, sink , intransitive verb 1. to flow off gradually, to disappear gradually ; dwindle , to become emptied or freed of liquid by its flowing or dropping , to discharge surface or surplus water, see: deplete ~er noun II. noun Date: 1552 a means (as a pipe) by which usually liquid matter is ~ed, 2. the act of ~ing, a gradual outflow or withdrawal ; depletion, something that causes depletion ; burden , an electrode in a field-effect transistor toward which charge carriers move

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