Meaning of DRAIN in English

vt to filter.

2. drain ·noun the grain from the mashing tub; as, brewers' drains.

3. drain ·vi to flow gradually; as, the water of low ground drains off.

4. drain ·vi to become emptied of liquor by flowing or dropping; as, let the vessel stand and drain.

5. drain ·noun that means of which anything is drained; a channel; a trench; a water course; a sewer; a sink.

6. drain ·vt to draw off by degrees; to cause to flow gradually out or off; hence, to cause the exhaustion of.

7. drain ·noun the act of draining, or of drawing off; gradual and continuous outflow or withdrawal; as, the drain of specie from a country.

8. drain ·vt to exhaust of liquid contents by drawing them off; to make gradually dry or empty; to remove surface water, as from streets, by gutters, ·etc.; to deprive of moisture; hence, to exhaust; to empty of wealth, resources, or the like; as, to drain a country of its specie.

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