Meaning of FEED in English


I. verb (fed; ~ing) see: food Date: before 12th century transitive verb 1. to give food to, to give as food, 2. to furnish something essential to the development, sustenance, maintenance, or operation of , to supply (material to be operated on) to a machine, to produce or provide food for, 4. satisfy , gratify , support , encourage , 5. a. to supply for use or consumption, channel , route , b. to supply (a signal) to an electronic circuit, to send (as by wire or satellite) to a transmitting station for broadcast, to supply (a fellow actor) with cues and situations that make a role more effective, to pass a ball or puck to (a teammate) especially for a shot at the goal, intransitive verb 1. to consume food ; eat , prey , to become nourished or satisfied or sustained as if by food, 3. to become channeled or directed, to move into a machine or opening in order to be used or processed, II. noun Date: 1576 1. an act of eating, meal , 2. food for livestock, the amount given at each ~ing, 3. material supplied (as to a furnace or machine), a mechanism by which the action of ~ing is effected, the motion or process of carrying forward the material to be operated upon (as in a machine), the act or process of ~ing a signal (as an audio or video transmission), the action of passing a ball or puck to a team member who is in position to score

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