Meaning of LOWER in English


I. intransitive verb also lour Etymology: Middle English louren; akin to Middle High German lūren to lie in wait Date: 13th century to look sullen ; frown , to be or become dark, gloomy, and threatening , II. noun also lour Date: 14th century frown , III. adjective Etymology: 3low Date: 13th century relatively low in position, rank, or order, southern , less advanced in the scale of evolutionary development, 4. situated or held to be situated beneath the earth's surface, being an earlier epoch or series of the period or system named , constituting the popular and often the larger and more representative branch of a bicameral legislative body , IV. Date: 1606 intransitive verb to move down ; drop , transitive verb 1. to let descend ; let down , to depress as to direction , to reduce the height of, 2. to reduce in value, number, or amount, b. to bring down in quality or character ; degrade , abase , humble , to reduce the objective of

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