Meaning of LOWER in English


v. 1 drop, reduce, decrease, mark down, discount, lessen, diminish, downgrade, cut, slash Prices on all goods have been lowered 2 let or move or bring or put down, drop The drawbridge was lowered and the knights rode across They lowered the coffin into the grave. 3 cut or lop off, cut or take down, reduce, diminish, crop, trim We lowered the hedge by a foot 4 abase, debase, degrade, discredit, shame, disgrace, demean, belittle, humble, humiliate; stoop, deign, condescend I wouldn't lower myself to so much as speak to him 5 turn down, quieten, moderate, modulate, soften, tone down He lowered his voice to a whisper

adj. 6 further or farther down My mother has a flat on a lower floor of the building 7 earlier These primitive amphibians are from the Lower Carboniferous 8 lower case. small, minuscule Use capitals for the first letters and lower case for the rest in these names

Oxford thesaurus English vocab.      Английский словарь Оксфорд тезаурус.