Meaning of NEEDLE in English



Pronunciation: ' n ē -d ə l

Function: noun

Etymology: Middle English nedle, from Old English n ǣ dl; akin to Old High German n ā dala needle, n ā jan to sew, Latin n ē re to spin, Greek n ē n

Date: before 12th century

1 a : a small slender usually steel instrument that has an eye for thread or surgical sutures at one end and that is used for sewing b : any of various devices for carrying thread and making stitches (as in crocheting or knitting) c (1) : a slender hollow instrument for introducing material into or removing material from the body (as by insertion under the skin) (2) : any of various slender hollow devices used to introduce matter (as air) into or remove it from an object (as a ball)

2 a : a slender bar of magnetized steel that when allowed to turn freely (as in a compass) indicates the direction of a magnetic field (as of the earth) b : a slender usually sharp-pointed indicator on a dial

3 a : a slender pointed object resembling a needle: as (1) : a pointed crystal (2) : a sharp rock (3) : OBELISK b : a needle-shaped leaf (as of a conifer) c : a slender rod (as of jewel or steel) with a rounded tip used in a phonograph to transmit vibrations from a record : STYLUS d : a slender pointed rod controlling a fine inlet or outlet (as in a valve)

4 : a teasing or gibing remark

– nee · dle · like \ ' n ē -d ə l- ˌ (l) ī k \ adjective

needle 1: 1 suture, 2 sewing, 3 knitting

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